Why Does My Grandma Keep Throwing Up?

It’s never easy containing vomit since it’s a natural way of the body reacting to some irritants. If your grandma throws up frequently, you’ll have to worry since it can have adverse effects on her body. Vomiting can make your grandma frail and tired. It can be challenging for her to eat without the food forcing its way out with constant throwing up. 

Considering your grandma’s age, which is prone to deteriorate as time goes by, vomiting can worsen her situation. So, you need a solution to help her out and, if possible, stop her from vomiting. Read along to have a deep insight into why your grandma keeps throwing up. We’ll also show you what to do to prevent her from the effects of vomiting.

Food Poisoning

Suppose your grandma ate contaminated food which contains virus and bacteria it can make her throw up. Besides that, eating food that is not cooked or handled correctly can make her throw up. If your grandma eats such foods, her body will react with the poison or the allergen in it, forcing her to throw up. At times, she might be staying alone, and already weak cooking can be a significant challenge to her. Staying alone means she will have to cook for herself, which can also make her lazy. If she becomes lazy at cooking, she might end up eating cold food that has bacteria and viruses. To save your grandma from food poisoning, which will make her throw up, always check into her diet. If possible, have someone assist her in cooking.

The Kind of Medication Your Grandma Uses

There are some types of medications that can force your grandma into throwing up. Suppose she is on cancer treatment; those medicines will make her throw up regularly. If she’s using antidepressant medication, they can also force her into throwing up. Not only those medications, even antibiotics, and opioid pain medications. The medications contain toxins that make it hard for her system to digest them. 

If she takes different kinds of medicines all at once, they’ll react, making her throw up. With old age, her body’s ability to absorb medication reduces, meaning the drug will stay in her gut for long. When this happens, she will get irritated by the medicines, forcing her to throw up. You can ask her doctor to change the type of medications that makes her vomit. Alternatively, you can advise her to take the medicines at different intervals.

Motion Sickness Could Make Your Grandma Vomit

It could be that your grandma can’t withstand the airwaves in her ears whenever she travels. Remember, with motion sickness, it’s not a must to be on long-distance, but being under fast-moving automotive will trigger it. Remember, walking is also part of being in motion. Motion sickness mostly arises when her central nervous system gets different messages from what her sensory system records. The conflicting information will confuse her brain and instead lead to wrong interpretation, resulting in her throw up. To help your grandma from motion sickness, she can find a favorable sitting position that can distract her view.

Your Grandma Could Be Having Stress

In old age, it’s hard to control emotions. You’ll realize that your grandma gets irritable quickly and even restless over nothing serious. If she adds stress on top of such conditions, she will become unbearable. Stressing will interfere with her normal body functions and instead trigger a different response. 

With anxiety, your grandma’s heartbeat increases or her pressure too. The changes can affect how her digestive system works, which can cause gastrointestinal distress. The distress in your grandma’s stomach can result in vomiting. With constant stress, her condition will worsen, meaning she will always throw up. To prevent your grandma from constantly throwing up because of pressure, look at what gives her distress and try to reduce it. 

Is Your Grandma an Alcoholic?

Suppose your grandma is an alcoholic then expect her to vomit since alcohol irritates her stomach lining. If she drinks too much, she will suffer from hangover, which results in regular throwing up. Remember, alcohol contains toxins which her body will be reacting against by expelling them out. Given that stopping the use of alcohol is never easy to advise your grandma to reduce its consumption. Less alcohol will make her puke less.


Constant throwing up always can make your grandma weak and unable to go over her regular duties as usual. To help her out, examine what makes her vomit, like food poisoning or the type of medication she uses. You should also check on her stress levels or if it’s motion sickness that makes her throw up and advise her accordingly.