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Why Does My Brother Think He Knows Everything?

    Having someone to converse and interact with is many times rejuvenating. It is because we are naturally social beings who never thrive on solitude but associations. It is even more pleasant if you share similar values with them. As such, there’s always much to talk about and more to learn from each other. Science calls it a symbiotic relationship.

    This kind of association is ideal for individuals’ development and growth, especially in a family set-up. It is common to find siblings looking up to each other and admiring the achievements one has. Much joy exists in such a relationship.

    On the other hand, have you come across individuals you couldn’t associate with because of their know-it-all attitude? It isn’t very pleasant since you can’t even voice your opinion. You may as well feel belittled. When a stranger does this, you can overlook it and cease association. 

    What of a brother? How do you deal with it? Why does he have to behave in such an objectionable manner? These are the issues we seek to handle to help you cope with him and possibly help him off the behavior. 

    Narrowing Down the Know-It-All Attitude

    Before looking at why he has this attitude, it is crucial to understand the basic signals in this behavior. Whenever you are talking about a subject, he takes over the conversation. He puts off your comments and treats his opinions as more superior.

    When sharing a difficulty, he may turn away your comments as though you have missed the point. He may as well dismiss it as something he had already tried. He may also be extremely argumentative even upon simple subjects. Whichever the dimension he takes, it isn’t easy to associate with him.

    Why Does He Think He Knows Everything?

    Several reasons make your brother think he knows everything. They may not all apply to him, but you can gauge and find out.

    He May Be Insecure

    When someone is not content with their individuality, they may find a way of filling in for this discontentment. Resorting to having diverse knowledge may be it. Knowing so much helps them in covering up the negative emotions within. Whenever he’s confronted with an issue, he finds ways of reasoning out so as not to display his inadequacies.

    Superiority Complex

    He might genuinely feel that he knows more than anybody else; hence there’s nothing another person can tell him. He may have more information than any other person on diverse subjects. As such, he feels there’s nothing any other person can say as he already knows it.

    Battling with Intimacy

    He may be battling with intimacy in that he feels that any person who gets close to him will discover his weaknesses. This behavior aids in keeping them away.

    He might have received much attention as a child due to exemplary performance. As much as it is good to praise children when they do right, too much of it can be harmful. Due to these praises, he feels like he’s better than every other person. He only gets close to people who admire and applaud him.

    Some individuals feel human enough when they argue with others. They get enlivened by it. They get their satisfaction without allowing others to get close to them.

    How to Manage Him

    It is important to know that you don’t have to view matters through his lenses. You don’t have to agree with his ways by seeking to meet his needs. Whenever he gets too talkative, you can politely excuse yourself. You can then ask him to get back to you at a different time if he has something to discuss with you.

    You can shift to asking him questions instead of giving suggestions. Chances are, he might open up to you eventually. When you give suggestions, he might see them as criticisms, and this might turn him away. You may lead him to accept himself and realize that it is not a must to know everything with your questions. As he accepts this idea, he may stop arguing with others.

    You also need to realize that you cannot change someone’s character. Sometimes you will be forced to cope with it. You may need to distance yourself from him if he doesn’t choose to change. In the end, remember that you need to protect yourself by always guarding your emotions. 

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