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Why Does My Brother-in-Law Stare at Me?

    It is one thing to get married into a family and another to accept your husband’s family members. Your dream was to have a husband and start a happy family. You have rejected many offers from other suitors who couldn’t let you rest. That was because you could only see a future with the man you are married to now.

    When you think your troubles are over, you realize that they are far from gone. Your husband’s brother begins to make you feel uncomfortable even in your house. You catch him staring at you any time an event brings you together. It could be a family gathering, or even when he visits your husband. As a grown lady, you are not a stranger to how men behave. His actions make you feel like there is something creepy about him.

    You are probably wondering what you should think or not think about your brother. You are not sure of the issues involved. Hopefully, that is the information that this article will relay to you. You will see the action behind the curtain and learn how to deal with the situation. 

    The Two Possibilities

    There are two things involved when someone is staring at you. At first, you cannot jump to any conclusions. You only have to let time be your ally in discovering the truth. That means that your brother could stare at you for two opposite reasons. He has seen something interesting in you, or he has seen something that he doesn’t like in you. Time and body language will tell.

    He Likes You

    This is a great possibility. However, it would be best if you looked at how your brother stares at you. If he looks at you more frequently and does not hide it, he is interested in you. In most cases, if your brother-in-law is interested in you, you will also notice that he stares at your breasts or back parts. If that is the case now, you should tread carefully because that could be a sign of danger.

    He Does Not Like You

    If your brother-in-law does not like you, he will also stare at you. Again the difference is in what happens next after staring. If he doesn’t want you, he will probably give you a mean look. He may also talk down on you, ignore you when you talk, and also avoid any form of communication.

    Dealing With It

    It is easy to run away from your weird colleague who won’t let you go even though you are married. But when your brother-in-law seems to be pursuing you, how do you go about it without causing any tension? Well, that will depend on how your brother-in-law will react to the issue. However, here are some suggestions that are likely to help you big time.

    Confront Him

    If your brother-in-law makes you feel uncomfortable, then you should first try talking to him about it. Confronting him will further help you know his true intentions. You might be compelled right now to speak with your husband about it, but it’s not time yet. Talk to your brother-in-law first.

    As you confront your brother-in-law with the issue, tell him that you will not take it kindly the next time. Tell him that you will involve your husband if he does not stop. If he has sense enough, he will apologize and refrain from that. If he does not, you will have to take the next step.

    Talk With Your Husband

    When you feel that things are getting way out of hand, you should immediately report it to your husband. After all, they have grown up together, and your husband knows him better. Your husband is in a better position to make it end without resorting to extreme actions.

    What You Need to Work On

    In most cases, the mistake women make is tolerating all sorts of misconduct. Though for a good cause. While it is a good gesture, it also gives room for more evils. While you may be concerned about the unity in your husband’s family, you should also consider your happiness. Do not allow any form of disrespect to continue. Stop it as soon as you notice it.

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