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Why Does My Brother-in-Law Flirt with Me?

    Realizing that somebody is flirting with you makes you feel exemplary and special. It raises your esteem, and you feel that there is something about you that somebody else loves. Unfortunately, the feeling is completely different if the person flirting with you is your relative. For this reason, realizing that your brother-in-law is flirting with you can scare you. This is regardless of whether they are married to your sibling or you are married to their sibling. Either way, you need to clarify that you are not interested in flirting, and they should stop it. Read on to know how you should go about this without causing trouble to either you or your brother-in-law.

    How Can You Be Sure That Your Brother-in-Law Is Flirting with You?

    When your brother-in-law is flirting with you, they will not give obvious signs. Instead, they will give you indirect signs that will make you detect their interest in you. At times maybe your brother-in-law is just friendly, and you assume that he is flirting. Some of the signs that will confirm he is flirting with you are such as being so sweet and kind to you. He will keep looking at you whenever you are near him and pretend that he was not doing it when he gets caught. You will always get compliments and gifts from him, even in situations where you do not deserve it.

    Additionally, a brother-in-law who is flirting with you will always make excuses to spend time with you. He complained to you about his significant other and told you how much he wishes that you were his partner. He is jealous of you when you are with your partner. If you realize such habits with your brother-in-law, it is evident that they are flirting with you.

    Should I Share with Anybody When My Brother-in-Law Is Flirting with You?

    Having your brother-in-law flirt with you is tricky. It could lead you to a great misunderstanding with the rest of your family members even if you are innocent. For this reason, when you realize that your brother-in-law is flirting with you, please do not rush to inform people about it. Instead, talk to him about it and let him know that what he is doing is wrong. If they continue flirting with you regardless of your effort to spot them, inform the person that makes them your in-law; that is either your spouse or their spouse. Do this carefully to avoid worsening the situation.

    What Should I Do When My Brother-in-Law Is Flirting with Me?

    Your brother-in-law is your close relative, and thus, it is socially unacceptable to date them. For this reason, if anything serious develops between you, it will ruin your relationship with the rest of your family members. Therefore, you need to know how to handle your brother-in-law before things get out of hand. Some of these ways are such as:

    Try to Fight His Feelings

    Dating your brother-in-law is not worth the consequences you face if your secret comes out. Therefore, even if you like the brother-in-law who is flirting with you, strive to end these feelings. Avoid being alone with him and especially in romantic setups. Keeping distance will help kill both of your feelings.

    Keep Telling Him About Your Significant Other

    To help you keep your brother-in-law away, keep talking about your partner when you are with him. Let him know that you are happy with your partner and that you do not need somebody else. When it is clear to him that you are happy in your current relationship, he will stop flirting with you.

    Have Boundaries with Him

    If you are too close to your brother-in-law, it is hard for him to stop flirting with you. Therefore, to help them end their feelings, let there be boundaries between you. Limit the information that you share with them and avoid that which is too personal. In case they come to you with some personal details, pay little or no attention to them.


    Your brother-in-law is the last person that you should consider being in a romantic relationship with. For this reason, whether you have feelings for them or not, you need to know how to stop the attraction and the flirting. Otherwise, this would ruin your relationship with your spouse and the rest of your family members.

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