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Why Does My Brother Get Mad Easily?

    Having a sibling with anger issues can be stressing more so if they don’t know how to manage it. If your brother gets mad easily under the slightest provocations, it means he has anger issues. Controlling him can be tricky, and at times he can become violent. Getting mad is not bad since it’s a way of reacting to a threat. But how often your brother gets mad and manages it is the main concern. Getting mad quickly can affect your brother both physically and emotionally if he doesn’t get help. Before you help him out of his anger, you need to know the cause. Read along to know the reasons why your brother gets mad easily.

    Your Brother Could Be Having Depression

    Your brother’s tendency to get mad easily could be a sign of depression. With depression, your brother can get irritable at anything anytime, and it can even turn him to be violent. Another sign of depression is a short temper, which points to why your brother quickly gets mad. If you notice these symptoms in him and others, like loss of energy, know that his anger issues are caused by depression. In this case, you should look at a way to help him out. Your brother needs help since depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and even has health effects.

    Anxiety Disorder

    Suppose your brother is having a condition known as an anxiety disorder, which medics refer to as OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). He will have problems managing his anger. The disorder will make your brother tend to repeat some things. For instance, if someone angered him, he will find his anger coming back even without reason. The OCD will make your brother unable to control his anger, and with the slightest provocation, he’ll get mad. 

    Is Your Brother into Drug Abuse?

    People who are into drug abuse find it hard to manage their anger levels. Studies show that using drugs like alcohol makes one more aggressive in life. If your brother gets aggressive because of alcohol, he will quickly get irritable and become angry for no serious reason. Suppose your brother drinks daily; getting mad easily will be part of him. Don’t forget that alcohol can also alter a person’s thinking capacity; this doesn’t exclude your brother. 

    Alcohol will make your brother have irrational reasoning, which can easily contribute to him getting mad. Additionally, drugs contribute to a person’s impulse reasoning since they interfere with normal instincts. So, your brother will be getting mad fast while under the influence. And since his body has a stimulant, making it hard for him to regulate his emotions.

    He Could Be Suffering From ADHD

    ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactive disorder, which can contribute to your brother’s short tempers. The disorder can make your brother hyperactive and impulsive, which can easily trigger anger over nothing. When your brother is impulsive, he will always act without thinking twice. And when under any threat, he can get mad quickly without thinking about its consequences. With both symptoms, your brother won’t manage his stress and anger levels. Probably this is the reason why your brother gets mad fast since he can’t contain his emotions. 

    Could Your Brother Have Bipolar Disorder?

    Suppose your brother has bipolar disorder; he will have mood swings, which comes about due to the brain not functioning optimally. With bipolar disorder, your brother will have challenges controlling his anger, which can easily contribute to him getting mad. The disorder will also increase your brother’s tempers. High tempers will give your brother a hard time managing his anger, and most of the time, he will get mad easily. Bipolar disorder can also make your brother highly irritable to the extent that he will get mad quickly. If your brother has bipolar disorder, he might exude this kind of character at certain times. But to help him, you need to see a doctor who can prescribe for him special treatment which can reduce its effects.


    It’s hard coping up with a brother who gets mad quickly since he can even get angry over you. To help him out, you should look at the root cause of his problems before settling for the best solution. Please check if your brother has depression, bipolar disorder, or is under drug abuse. Don’t forget ADHD and anxiety disorder can contribute to your brother’s getting mad easily.

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