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Why Does My Brother Act Like a Girl?

    Boys and girls are made differently, both physically and in their chemical composition. You don’t expect a girl to behave like a girl and vice versa. If you notice your brother acting like a girl, you may take it as normal. But if it continues for long, you’ll have to worry because a real boy should act like one. If your brother acts like a girl, there must be a reason for it. You will realize that some of the reasons are weird while others are funny. But read along to know why your brother acts like a girl.

    The Company Your Brother Keeps

    If your brother’s main friends are girls, expect him to act like them. It’s believed through association someone gets to acquire the character of those around them. In this case, if your brother’s leading company are girls, don’t expect him to act differently from them. You’ll notice that he’ll want to dress like a girl, play with their toys and even emulate how they talk. Maybe you didn’t know that but check your neighborhood to see if there are girls. Remember to ask if they’re your brother’s usual company. 

    The Upbringing of Your Brother

    For your brother to act like a girl, it might be in line with how he’s brought up. Probably he was under the care of a nanny who showed him the girls’ ways. The nanny might have put your brother to do what girls do because maybe they didn’t know its effect. You can also find that your family is mainly a girl’s house, and your brother does what he sees his sisters doing. Your brother will copy how your people act since he might not be able to see the difference.

    Lack of Proper Guidance

    It could be, you never had the opportunity to show your brother what is right for him in regards to gender. It’s common for young boys to act like girls. But their parents or guardians should correct them and show them the right way to do things. However, if that didn’t happen and your brother grows acting like a girl, he’ll know that’s normal. Your brother might end up acting like a girl because he lacks guidance. Most parents take it as a stage and make fun when they see their boys do the girly stuff, not knowing that it can stick with them. Instead of guiding their son’s out of character, they can bring them the things that encourage acting like girls. It could be that your brother had the same guidance making him know that’s the right way to act.

    Gender Expression Issues

    Your brother could be having gender expression issues, which make them act like a girl. Generally, children start to express their gender identity while they’re about two years. If your brother is past this age and acts like a girl, it means he has issues with gender expression. Please don’t take the gender expression issues to be a severe problem since every child develops at their rate. Some get to know this while they’re adolescents, so your brother could be one of them. If this is the case, your brother will not see anything wrong with acting like a girl, maybe until he reaches the right stage where he’s able to differentiate between a girl’s expression and that of boys.

    Your Brother Might Be Having Gender Dysphoria

    Your brother feels his gender identity is different from the sex he had at birth. This condition comes from hormonal malfunction. Gender dysphoria can make your brother uncomfortable being a boy and instead act like a girl. Your brother having this condition shouldn’t worry you. Unless it’s from bullying or discrimination from friends who thinks he’s not fit to be a boy. Remember having this condition, plus the bullying your brother faces, can also push him into acting like a girl. 


    Your brother acting like a girl is something he should overcome when of age. However, you need to know the root cause to see how you can help him change. You can check on the company your brother keeps, his upbringing, and how he’s brought up. Don’t forget it could be that he’s having gender expression issues or gender dysphoria, which contributes to him acting like a girl.

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