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18 Reasons Your Baby Sweats So Much

1. Temperature

Babies have a higher number of sweat glands in the head compared to the rest of their bodies. They may seem to sweat more due to the temperature of the room they’re in or area around them. Babies’ bodies regulate to temperature slower than adults. Therefore, in response to this, their sweat glands may produce high amounts of extra sweat to keep cool.

2. Cooling your infant

Cooling your baby may reduce excess sweat due to temperature. Putting light clothing on your child can help keep them more comfortable. Using things like fans or air conditioners on your baby is ok to help reduce sweat as well. Keeping your baby in a nice cool environment is one good option when you notice your child is sweating a bit too much.

3. Overworking themselves

Your baby uses a lot of energy daily. Crying constantly can take a lot out of your child. Babies who thrash around or exert themselves in other ways to high amounts will sweat more than normal. Calming your child down and cleaning their face may help relieve some of this sweat build up.

4. Falling into a deep sleep

If your child has fallen into a deep sleep, they can wake up more sweaty than normal. Infants in deep sleep that wake up wet with sweat is not a cause for concern. It’s normal for most infants for this to occur.

5. Sickness

Your child could be sick if they don’t normally sweat as often, but happen to break out into a really bad sweat suddenly. It’s best to check your baby’s temperature or look for signs of sickness within your infant, such as:

  • drowsy or unresponsive behavior
  • unusual crying
  • not wanting to eat
  • hot to the touch
  • looks discolored or paler than usual

6. Generalized excessive sweating

When sweating has occurred all over your child’s body, they may have this type of sweating. Your baby’s clothing may be drenched in sweat as a result of this.

7. Local excessive sweating

This type of sweat occurs in one region of your infant’s body. The face and neck are common places for it to occur. They are not the only places that local sweating can occur, though.

8. Primary hyperhidrosis

is a condition in which there is only sweats in your baby’s palms, feet, and armpits. This type of sweat affects a low percentage of children. Some signs of this are weight loss, rapidly beating heart, and anxiety.

9. Diabetes

Diabetes may also be the reason your baby has a lot more sweat. Signs to look out for this can include an increase in thirst. Them losing weight, or their sweat having a strange odor to it.

10. Hypertension

High blood pressure may make your baby seems like its sweating a lot. Checking your baby blood pressure and making sure it’s at ok levels can help with that.

11. Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure can be the case with excessive sweating. Your baby might get tired of feeding more easily than before. Your child might also have some weight gain and cough more often than normal.

12. Certain drugs

Some prescriptions may be the cause of your baby’s excess sweat. You should think to win you last gave your child their medications if this occurred around the same time as that. Going to see a doctor may be the best choice of action for you.

13. Infant Distress

Your infant might be in distress, and the exertion from it is causing your child’s sweat. Signs of this may include retractions, grunting, and apnea.

14. Night sweats

This type of sweating occurs due to an increase in your baby’s body temperature. Sleeping in one pose too long can make this happen. Being over bundled in blankets can also cause this. If the temperature of the room is too high while your baby is sleeping, then that could also likely be the cause.

15. Sudden infant death syndrome

This unexplained death could be a cause for concern. Making sure to take your baby to the doctor to get checked up may help. The cause is unknown, so there is not much to do for prevention.

16. Temperature to keep the room

The temperature of the room should be between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. That is the temperature that usually should keep your infant in a comfortable state.

17. Good hydration

Making sure your baby is taking in plenty of fluids can help. They make up for the liquids they lost during their sweats that way. Keeping your baby nice and hydrated is a good way to keep their health in check as they sweat.

18. Clothes

Make sure your baby is wearing breathable, light clothing. Clothing that has more thin material or easier to feel cool in may help reduce their sweats even further. Sweaters and pajamas may look cuter, but thinner choices are more comfortable in this case.


If you notice your baby is grinding their teeth. They have very dry skin or an increase in their snorting/snoring patterns. If they have dry stools, you may need to get them checked as well. Also, prolonged night sweating after trying to prevent them could be cause for concern.

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