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6 Reasons Your Baby Fake Coughs

We can all agree babies are fascinating creatures. They are fun to be around and to deal with. Although, sometimes, it gets hard for us to understand their behaviors. It is because babies are smart enough to learn our behaviors and how we react to different situations. They, therefore, get comfortable with playing around with our minds too. In different cases, babies behave differently. Since they are not in a position to express in words what they mean, it becomes our responsibility to find out. The article will take you through several reasons as to why your baby might fake a cough.

To seek attention

A baby will always find a way to get the parents’ or the babysitter’s attention. We all get busy sometimes regardless of the baby’s presence. We might be having other children to take care of or even other house chores to carry out. All in all, babies are not in a position to understand how important other commitments would be. Therefore all they want all the time is you to give them your 100% attention. A baby would fake a cough because he or she knows you will divert your attention back to him or her. We all know this is a strategic move; no one would hear a baby cough and fail to check on him or her.

A form of communication

Just like for any other human being, communication is important. Everyone wants to present his or her ideas, feelings, or even grievances through communication. It is so sad because, for some time, babies are never in a position to speak themselves out. In like two years since birth or even longer. Therefore for all the time, the baby is not in a position to use words to express himself or herself; they figure out different ways to express themselves. For instance, a baby will fake cough to pass a message. The baby might be expressing something like; he or she is happy about something, nervous about something. Or even he or she has seen something strange. The message she or he is trying to pass is upon you to watch keenly and interpret.

For fun

Babies are one of the creatures we hardly know what might be going through their minds. Most of the time cannot tell for what purpose the baby is doing something. We only compare their reactions to different situations and conclude on their behaviors. Therefore when a baby keeps fake coughing, he or she might have found some fun in it. So, just like any other person, he or she keeps doing what makes him or her happy. In this case, fake coughing is the way for him or her to have fun. He will, therefore, fake cough any time of the day, depending on his or her current moods.

When imitating someone

Generally, growing for babies is quite a process. In this process, babies learn what to do and how to do it from the people around them. From talking, walking, following instructions, among many others. The people around the baby contribute largely to his or her final behavior. For instance, when a baby has a fake coughing habit, it might have been borrow from someone around him or her. Someone might be coughing because he or she is sick, but the baby will not understand the reason. He or she will, therefore, think it is right to cough anytime, anywhere, and that becomes his or her all the time habit.

When the coughing sound is fascinating to him or her

It is normal for a human being to obsess with a certain sound or habit. They say the way is normal for babies to over love a certain sound or doing. You may realize when you sing a certain to your baby, he or she stops crying. Also, you mostly find mothers or babysitters got something they do to their babies, and they instantly fall asleep. The reason behind it is, the baby likes it and, in a way, because the act soothes him or her. The same case with your baby coughing because the sound of the cough fascinates him or her. He or she will, therefore, keep fake coughing because he or she likes it. Also, babies do not see clearly for a while since birth so, they will depend on the hearing sense—the reason why you find your baby focusing on the sounds being made around him or her.

Salivary Glands

As the baby continues growing in age, the body organs grow too. Every organ in human beings’ body grows or mature at a certain age. For instance, the baby’s salivary glands become active at the age of two months. The salivary glands release saliva to the baby’s mouth—the reason as to why babies at the age of two months onward drool. However, the baby is not grown enough to know what to do with the saliva. He or she does not know whether to swallow or spit it. The baby has zero clues on what is the purpose of the liquid flowing from his or her mouth. The baby, therefore, might decide to play around with the saliva forcing him or her fake coughs.

Even though a baby can fake a cough, you should make sure you check what accompanies the coughs. The reason behind the cough might be bigger than just a fake cough. You should, therefore, check the following signs before concluding the baby is fake coughing:

  • Check the baby’s temperature if it is high, or it is normal.
  • If the baby is having trouble falling asleep, refuses to eat or breastfeed, check if your baby has bowel movements too.
  • If your baby has a running nose or cold.
  • Check if the baby is having difficulties breathing.

In case of any of the above signs accompanying the cough, you should take the baby to a doctor. For you to be sure, he or she is fine.

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