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Why Do I Hate My Stepson?

    Being a mother is a huge responsibility that demands a woman to commit to caring for and nurturing a child. This duty can be difficult and complicated if it involves step-children.  It is common for stepmothers to hate Step-children because of the absence of a biological bond.

    If your husband has a son whose mother is alive, you may have conflicting emotions with accepting stepmother responsibilities. However, with patience and dedication to your family, you may be able to love your stepson.

    Is It Normal to Hate Your Stepson?

    The challenges of step families vary from one family to another. The confusion and dilemma you experience about the feeling of hate for your stepson can be difficult to deal with. However, it helps if you stay calm and take time to care for yourself. This feeling is normal and is something that women from all cultures go through.

    Sometimes younger children can be challenging to care for. Nevertheless, it is good to keep trying to develop a better relationship with your stepson.

    What Makes You Hate Your Stepson?

    There reasons why you may not like your stepson will vary from one child to another.  Your stepson can show rude and disrespectful behavior. Children will not naturally warm up to step-parents and can exhibit extreme behavior to express their emotions. Your stepson may show defiance to express the need for attention.

    Your stepson can be stubborn and refuse to take responsibility.  This behavior is not only frustrating but makes your work difficult. Besides being overworked, you feel emotionally overwhelmed, which may cause you to hate your stepson.

    The lack of common personalities between you and your stepson affects your relationship. Sometimes children are little replicas of their parents. You can dislike your stepson if you see character traits that are similar to your husband’s ex-wife. You are likely to hate your stepson if you think that the child’s mother is responsible for your unhappiness.

    Who Is to Blame if You Hate Your Stepson?

    Today, society and other forms of authority have high demands on parenting.  It is common for parents to be asked to improve their parenting.  Society seems to focus more on parenting roles than on children’s behavior.

    Sometimes, your husband may excuse your stepson from completing chores and other household responsibilities. This causes you to have more work and makes parenting your stepson more difficult. As a stepmother, you can be torn in-between blaming your husband or your stepson.

    If you hate your stepson, it can be easy to blame the child, even though your husband ought to take responsibility for improper parenting.

    Can You Address the Behavior of Your Stepson?

    If you hate your stepson, it may not be wise for you to address the child’s behavior. It is good to resolve the issue with your husband.

    When pointing out the behavior, try not to be emotional or show your hate for the child. Avoid directing your concerns on your stepson’s character.  If your stepson is messy, let your husband know how the mess stresses you out and how much you appreciate it if it is cleaned up.

    Can You Have Good Feelings Towards a Stepson You Do Not Like?

    Some children show behavior that is difficult to accommodate. However, you can decide to feel good about your stepson. Accepting that your stepson is part of your life is a good starting point for developing a better relationship.  This change in your attitude can help you have good feelings towards your stepson.

    To help you develop a liking for your stepson, you may have to include this child in your family vision. Get rid of negative emotions involving your stepson. Sometimes, you will have to give to gain. Children can adapt to change quickly, and your stepson is bound to respond positively to this change.


    Step families are complex, and you may find it challenging to parent children that are not your own. Some children can make your life hard and leave you feeling frustrated. It is not easy to love your stepson; however, society will expect you to try.

    Parenting is a big responsibility and requires your time and resources.  Even though your stepson is not easy to get along with, you can decide to have a better relationship. You can achieve this by accepting that your stepson is part of your life and by creating a vision that includes both of you. 

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