Why is my baby crying so much?

If you take care of a baby on a regular basis, you’re likely already familiar with how unpredictable and tumultuous it can be. Babies have no problem communicating to you when they need attention and care, but sometimes it can feel difficult to know exactly what type of care they’re in need of. Because of this, many parents are often at a loss for what they should do, how to help the situation and how to love their baby efficiently.

Let’s face it—knowing exactly why babies cry so much can be an incredibly difficult thing to figure out. However, there are some methods you can employ to “troubleshoot” the situation. To help you know just what these methods are, we’ve made a list called, “7 Reasons Why Babies Cry So Much” so you can be prepared for when the time comes!

Before we begin our list, we want to say that if you have any serious concerns about why your baby is crying or why they won’t stop, you should take them to a pediatrician or other type of medical professional. This is because the list we’re providing only includes possibilities as to why your baby is crying and does not reflect a list of definite reasons. These possibilities should also be used as starting points to communicate with your baby and figure out what’s really wrong, not just using them as quick solutions.

#1. Your Baby is Sick

If your baby is crying excessively, it’s possible that they might be sick or feeling unwell in another way. You can typically differentiate this type of crying from others due to the tone being different, more intense or at a different speed than usual. This can also go the opposite way—if your baby is usually somebody who cries at minor inconveniences but is suddenly silent, they could be sick as well. This is because sickness often takes the energy out of a baby, causing them to either shut down or reach out desperately for help.

If you have a suspicion that your baby is sick, the best way to investigate your suspicions is to take their temperature. If your baby is persistently crying or having some serious digestion issues (i.e. constipation, vomiting, etc.), you should take them to a doctor right away. This is often a reason as to why babies cry so much, causing them to feel severe discomfort.

#2. They’ve Soiled Their Diaper

If your baby is crying, it could be due to them needing their diaper changed. This is a very common reason as to why babies cry so much, as many babies feel uncomfortable about having a dirty diaper. However, it’s important to note that sometimes not even changing the diaper will cause the crying to stop right away. This is because the feeling of cold air against a baby’s legs might be viscerally uncomfortable, causing them to continue crying due to the discomfort.

To help your baby avoid as much discomfort as possible, it’s important for you to become very experienced as changing diapers quickly. By doing this, you’ll be able to provide your baby with relief without having to cause them any more discomfort in the process. If the baby is crying because of a dirty diaper, then changing the diaper itself should provide near-instant relief!

If you’re having trouble with quick diaper changes, there are some things you can do to make sure that the baby stays distracted during the process:

  • Sing a lullaby
  • Make “baby noises” (i.e. goos and gahs)
  • Give them a toy to play with
  • Spin a mobile above their head

#3. The Temperature Isn’t Right

Far from ideal temperatures could also be why babies cry so much. This could be a reason as to why your baby is crying; by feeling too cold or too hot at any given moment, babies can feel very uncomfortable and cry as a way of getting your attention so you can help them out.

In order to know which temperature the room you keep them in should be at, you should familiarize yourself with resources that walk you through the process. Though a change in temperature might seem like something inconsequential, it can actually have some pretty serious complications for your baby if you’re not careful enough. Because of this, exercise caution and always seek out the opinion of a medical professional to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

#4. Crying Due to Lack of Sleep

Oftentimes babies will just fall asleep when they need to do so, but sometimes they might feel inhibited by things in the surrounding area. For example, if you’re somebody who is constantly having guests over to introduce to your baby, the stimulation might become overwhelming and make your baby feel stressed out instead. This will, in turn, cause them to not be able to sleep, as their brain won’t be calm enough. Sleep deprivation is a sure cause of why babies cry so much, showing how they’re interacting with the way others treat them.

To help when your baby won’t sleep in situations like this, it’s always a good idea to try some calming techniques such as singing lullabies and rocking your baby gently to calm their mind into a sleep state.

#5. They Need Physical Contact

Babies understand and absorb the world primarily through their senses, so touching is incredibly important for them to feel adequately comforted. Because of this, if they feel they have not had enough comfort they might start crying, making it ideal for you to start holding them to show your love for them. So, because physical contact can be why babies cry so much, pick your baby up and start rocking them if they start crying. The repetitive nature of rocking and close physical contact will probably put them at ease.

Another way to replicate the feeling of physical contact is to use a crib or other type of device that continually vibrates, allowing your baby to softly feel like somebody is touching them as a means of comfort. This is also a great solution for a caretaker that also needs to do various chores around the house and can’t constantly take the baby with them.

If you’re somebody who does have the ability to take them with you, though, you can look into a baby carrier or sling of some sort to secure the baby to your body so they can consistently feel the comfort of physical contact.

#6. Your Baby is Hungry

Possibly the most common reason as to why babies cry so much is because they are hungry. Because babies still have a lot of growing to do when it comes to their digestive systems, they can be frequently hungry. Sometimes their state of hunger might be inconsistent with how it was the day before, but this is simply something you’ll have to get used to. Babies have small stomachs and therefore can be a bit unpredictable, meaning that you need to listen to your baby and feed them if they’re overtly hungry.

If you’re somebody who is breast-feeding, you can see if they’re hungry by offering them their parent’s breast. If they continue to nurse on it, then that shows that they are still hungry. If you prefer to use formula and your baby doesn’t finish their given portion only to be hungry later, it could be that you need to feed them smaller amounts more frequently.

#7. Your Baby Has Colic

If your baby has just had food but is still crying excessively, they could be suffering from colic, a very nuanced condition. You should familiarize yourself with the specific symptoms of colic so if this happens, you can be prepared. Colic is a common reason as to why babies cry so much, so it’s important to consider!

In Conclusion

As you can see from our list of reasons why babies cry so much, your baby might be crying for a multitude of different reasons, only some of them being related to your care for them. Something that’s incredibly important to understand is that—no matter if your baby is experiencing sadness due to something that is their fault or not—they are stressed out. In these moments, the best thing to do is be there for them in any way you can, communicating with them to find out what they need.

Our list of why babies cry so much isn’t meant to be just 7 options that you should try point blank to get positive results, but rather as starting points to figure out what’s wrong. Like all humans, your baby is incredibly complex and should be treated as such. Everybody experiences complex feelings and emotions, but your baby isn’t able to communicate these things. Helping figure out why babies cry so much and helping them out is the best way to show them your love!