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Why Are My Parents Ignoring Me?

    Your parents are the people you expect to be on the front line when it comes to loving, guiding, and protecting you. They are supposed to support you and help you grow until you are fully independent. For this reason, seeing your parents ignoring you can be frustrating since this is the last thing you expect from them. Ignorance from your parents affects you emotionally and, at times, even physically. To help you get past this, you need to brace yourself with tips on focusing on yourself. Additionally, it would help if you learned how to cope with your parents even when they ignore you. Read on to understand why your parents could be ignoring you and how to deal with it.

    Reasons Your Parents Could Be Ignoring You

    More often than not, there is a problem that results in facing ignorance from your parents. Some of these reasons include:

    You Did or Said Something That Offended Them

    Like any other person, your parents will get offended when you do or say something they do not like. Ideally, you expect them to correct and forgive you since you probably did it unintentionally. However, based on their personality or extent of what you did, they may hold a grudge against you and start ignoring you. Recollect your thoughts and think about something you have done or said to make your parents ignore you.

    They Are Going Through a Hard Time

    More often than not, children expect their parents to be superheroes who cannot be overwhelmed by any situation. However, now that you are older, you will understand that your parents are human and probably have a lot to deal with. For instance, they could have a problem in their business or their marriage. They will fail to give you much attention like they previously did or completely ignore you in such situations.

    You Are Not the Favorite in the Family

    Although this is not allowed, your parents may have identified one of your siblings in the family as their favorite. This is especially the one who continually makes them proud or one with an underlying medical condition. As a result, you become forgotten and ignored in the family. In this situation, learn how to cope without hating the sibling who is your parent’s favorite.

    Here’s how to cope when your parents are ignoring you;

    Talk to Somebody You Trust

    Getting ignored by your parents is a tough challenge that you should not go through on your own. Therefore, get a trusted friend or relative to talk to about what you are going through. Explain to them how your parents have been treating you and what makes you conclude that they are ignoring you. Ensure that the person you are talking to will not inform your parents what you told them. However, do not be too dependent on this person for all your needs. Talk to them only when you feel that you need someone to listen to you.

    Be Concerned About Yourself

    If your parents ignore you, the high chances are that you have nobody else concerned about you. However, please do not act like most teens who get ignored by their parents and mistreat themselves. Do not turn to harmful activities such as drugs and alcohol and failing to attend school. Instead, maintain a healthy diet and other practices to take care of yourself. Nurture yourself through ways such as having a daily meditation session. Additionally, please do not entertain any negative thoughts in your mind, such as suicide, as they will lead to future regrets.

    Learn How to Be Independent

    Having unsupportive parents or parents who ignore you gives you a chance to learn to be independent faster. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be disadvantaged compared to your age mates because your parents ignore you. Instead, get in touch with another trusted adult and let them teach you facts about ‘real-life.’ Additionally, learn how to be independent in your studies. The fact that your parents are ignoring you should not be a reason for low grades or even dropping out of school.


    Living in a house where your parents are ignoring you is not easy. However, this should not affect other critical areas of your life, such as your studies. Accept the situation and learn how to ease it without making things more complicated for you and your parents.

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