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5 Tips on When to Tell Family You’re Pregnant

Finding out you are pregnant is the best news. It’s an exciting time that can be difficult to keep quiet. It’s important to remember that there is no wrong time to share your news.

Some astute observers will know you are pregnant because body changes may be subtle, but to those who know a woman’s body, it’s pretty obvious, and they will happily indulge and respect you to tell everyone at your own time.

Several factors play a role regarding when people share the news with their family. Most people share the news in the 13th week of their pregnancy, which is after the first trimester once the baby is moving, and the most delicate time of pregnancy has passed with success.

For others keeping the news, a secret can be unrealistic, especially when they are extremely close to their family, and they tell everyone right away.

Telling everyone once you and your partners know, takes away the burden of hiding the news from everyone and pretending. It also allows your family to share in the initial exhilaration, and you are free to focus on your baby’s needs and share ideas with the women close to you.

The most important person to immediately share the news with your partner. They ought to be the first one to know after you do. This will bring you closer and allow you to share in this special experience of bringing a child into the world together. It will allow you both to “let it sink in” and enjoy the news before you share it with your family.

1. After you tell your partner

Having your partner be the first person you tell you are pregnant deepens your love and the bond you share. It also includes them in this very important journey, allowing them to become a part of your experience.

Your body will be going through changes to make it the ideal home for your baby for nine months. It will feel different, it will behave differently, and your partner will be there with you, to support you, help you and be your companion through this journey.

This experience will allow you to bond with the baby in-utero and deepen the love you all share. It will also allow your partner to share in the excitement of the changes, fully engaging them, and making them a full part of the experience. This will also help them better understand how to help you meet your needs and offer love, encouragement, and emotional support as you go through these changes.

2. Before the end of the first trimester

If you are extremely close to your family and you are in constant contact with them, you will fill the need to share the news as soon as possible, and that is ok.

This allows you and your partner to share the joy of your good news with the people that matter to you most and will be a big part of your baby’s life. It also allows your family to start bonding with your baby and help you.

If you find yourself suffering from extreme morning sickness, sharing the news with your family will allow them to help care for you during this time and offer some advice about things they did when they were pregnant in case it runs in the family.

Sharing the news early also allows you to get your family’s health history, find out what experiences have been common among women in your family as well as how to learn the experiences the women in your partner’s family had with their babies. Your baby carries half of their DNA from you and the other half from your partner. This makes getting information from both sides of your family is very important for your baby’s health, wellbeing, and development. This information will also allow you to work with your doctor and look out for any issues and understand how to respond to them quickly.

3. After the first trimester

If you are nervous, it’s best to share the news when you feel it is safe to do so. It is an exciting time but can overwhelm to share the news before the first trimester. Once you share the news, you will not be able to contain everyone’s excitement, and you will need to be emotionally prepared to handle their excitement.

If you struggled to become pregnant, it is natural to want to wait until the critical first trimester to share the news. The first trimester is an important time that lasts from the first week to the twelfth week of your pregnancy. During this time, your baby goes from a fertilized egg to an embryo and is implanted into your uterine wall where your baby starts to develop and grow.

During the first twelve weeks of your pregnancy, your baby’s different body parts develop, including their brain; by the end of the trimester, you will be able to feel your baby move.
It is this movement that some moms wait for before they feel comfortable sharing their news with family.

4. When you are ready

Ultimately, the news is yours to share. You get to decide when you want to bring everyone else on board. Any time you wish to share the news should be the best time that works for you.

Going with what works for you will ensure that you are in your best emotional space and is the best way to start practicing making decisions that are best for you, your partner, and your baby.

Everyone will respect your decision because this is the first important decision you will make for your baby that ensures their best and gives them a great start in life. After all, Mommy is in a great emotional space.

5. Don’t stress about it

Remember not to let the decision of when you share the news stress you out. It’s a wonderful time, and you are free to decide what works best for your little family.

Do not feel pressured or anxious about setting the right date to share your news. Enjoy your pregnancy and continue allowing it to be fun for you.

Make the decision that is best for you. The people who matter most love you and only want the best for you.

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