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Help! When Do Babies Get Easier? 5 Tips for Parents

If you just had a baby within the last year or so, you have to be asking yourself when will it get easier? Don’t be discouraged. It is getting a little easier every single day. You just don’t notice the small changes daily. Your baby is doing more and more on their own every day, even if you aren’t taking notes. The big changes are coming. They will eventually be walking, and that will help you not have a constant bag of potatoes to carry. They will feed themselves, and your hands will become free to feed your self. Potty training is just around the corner, and that will put money back in your pocket. Just hold on, there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Things will get easier when they begin to smile at you and say, “I love you, Mom.” It will be better when you can take a bath alone or get four full hours of sleep. The good part about it is that it sounds like it is years away when in actuality, the amazing part is that humans grow, learn, and change at such a rapid rate that it is right over the hill. Keep reading for a few tips and tricks that will help you stay the course.

1. Be Patient

First, your baby has to make adjustments. They are not only new to your home; they are new to the earth. Then you have to adjust because you have someone new to your life. This takes a little time. It is only fair to say that you have to get your footing. Don’t overwork yourself, and don’t be embarrassed to use baby hacks. It will happen if you are patient and caring. Remember that babies feed off of your emotions so being insensitive and emotional will slow the process and make it stop. If you find that it seems harder than you expect, check your emotions and see if you are a bit out of control. If that is the case, take a minute and breathe. Come back at it with a better plan. This will revamp the entire ordeal. Patience will take you a long way with your baby.

2. Facilitate Learning

Try to teach your child at every moment. Every moment truly can be a “teachable moment,” so use it. This will move your child along in the process a little quicker. You want to get your baby to milestones as quickly as possible without moving them faster than is comfortable for them. If you can do this successfully, you will be happily sitting on easy street in just a little while. You can use opportunities on television to quiz your child about things that they may see to see if they retained information. You can use the time that you are in the car to talk with your child on a ride to daycare or to the grocery store to facilitate learning. You can teach physical things as well, such as potty training and weaning from a bottle long before you are planning to cut them from the routine so that the child is ready when it is time. Whatever your method, be consistent.

3. Talk to Your Child

Talking to your baby will help him, or her grow. It will mold their personality. It will also build a bond. That bond will help with making things get easier for you. You will find that you can cope much better with those few rough years that you have to go through before you are out of the deep water. Talking to your child will help with their communication skills. Helping your child learn to communicate efficiently and effectively will be a huge success story for you as they will be able to process stages and phases of growth quicker. They can communicate with you on a level that will allow for a friendship between the two of you. This often brings much satisfaction for both.

4. Enjoy Your Child

During the time that It seems as if you are having a hard time with your child, do things outside of the home. If you are always bogged down in the house, it will seem much worse. You may not have much money to tale trips around the world, but that isn’t necessary. Your child doesn’t care about money. They will be very happy about going to the park or a public pool. Anything that changes the normal scenery. Try going to a fast-food restaurant that has a slide. Your child will feel like you took him or her on a week-long vacation. Even if you have to go to the mall to buy clothes, make it an outing and get ice cream before you return home. These are just little opportunities to practice breathing exercises that will get you both through the harder times of your baby’s childhood.

5. Reward Your Child

When your child makes progress, reward them. All in all, the average child will not stay in diapers forever. They will not need a bottle for the rest of their lives. The average child will learn to speak and communicate well and will be an independent older child. To get them to that point, you should use the reward system. If you use that system, you have a great chance of getting them there that much quicker. They will appreciate the rewards and crave more of them. It will push them to want more of those. If the rewards are significant enough, they will have no desire to regress into the old behavior. Before you know it, you will be looking at a very independent child.


Becoming a mother is a daunting task. You must be cut from a different cloth to be able to pull it off. Be thankful that you were chosen to be someone’s mother. Amazingly, you have made it this far, and you can make it to the finish line, no matter how discouraged you are at this point. Try to:

  • Be Patient
  • Facilitate Learning
  • Talk To Your Child
  • Enjoy Your Child
  • Reward Your Child

When you do these things, you will be able to get your footing and be that super mom that you have always envisioned. Check out what some other moms are saying about their experiences.

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