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When Can My Baby Hear?

When do babies start hearing?

Your baby will start hearing when you’re 18 weeks pregnant. Can you believe they start hearing that early? You may have seen or heard people talking, play music, or read to their babies through the womb. This can help the development of your baby’s brain.

At four to five weeks, the cells in your embryo transform into your baby’s face, which is the eyes, ears, nose, face. Believe it not; your baby does a face that early. It’s just that they’re very tiny. At 18 weeks, your baby will start to hear different sounds. Your baby will be sensitive to sounds by 24 weeks.

A lot is going on in your body so your baby will hear:

  • Your voice, heartbeat, breathing, and blood flow.
  • Other sounds your body makes.

At 24 weeks, your baby will respond to your voice because they’re already familiar with it. In the womb, however, noises from the outside are muffled. But when you talk, your baby can hear you loud and clear. The outside noise is cut in half because your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid and is deep inside the womb.

Mothers always wonder when their baby can hear. As you can see, your baby can hear you before they see you.

Should I worry about hearing loss in my baby?

If you’re not prone to a high-risk pregnancy, then your baby’s hearing should be fine. The only reason you should be concerned is if you are at high risk. Any parent would be concerned if their baby was born way earlier than the due date. If your baby is born immature, then you should consult with your doctor to schedule testing. Hearing loss also can be hereditary. If you have a family history of hearing loss, then there’s a good chance that your baby has hearing loss. You can simply learn the history of your family by starting with your grandparents or great grandparents. The more you know about the history of your, the more aware you are of the risks. You want to make sure what things to look out for, and it’s better to be prepared than finding out later.

How do I know when noises are too loud for my baby?

Now, remember that your baby is sensitive to noise at 24 weeks. Too much noise can cause stress and damage to your baby’s hearing. If you have a job that requires a lot of noise, you should protect yourself. You should wear earplugs when you’re working because loud noise can put stress on your body. So if you bring stress on yourself, then you’re putting stress on your baby as well. You can’t put earplugs on your baby. If you can help it try to stay away from the noise as much as you possibly can.  Loud sound can travel to your baby and cause damage to the development of your baby’s hearing.

Can my baby go deaf?

Things to know that can prevent baby hearing loss. Women that have jobs that require a lot of noise, such as airports, ambulance, musicians, and any other job that requires noise, should plan. If you’re planning to get pregnant, then you should remove yourself until the delivery date for your baby. Children ages four to 10 years of age were tested and had hearing loss due to being exposed to occupational noise while they were in the womb. The best thing to do is not be around noise at all.

How will you be able to tell signs of hearing loss later?

There are different ways you can tell if your baby isn’t hearing anything later on. At six months, if your baby doesn’t turn his or her towards where the noise is coming from, then that’s a red flag. If your baby doesn’t react to very loud sounds, For instance, if the noise is loud enough to scare you and not your baby, that’s another red flag. If your baby isn’t saying you or your partner’s name by the age of one, then that’s also a red flag. Contact your primary care physician for testing.

How can you prepare yourself not to have your baby around noise?

You should plan by taking maturity leave because this will exclude the noise. Go to all of your doctor appointments, and if you do have a family history of hearing loss, then you should request testing. Prepare to get plenty of rest because not only does noise add stress to you and your baby, but lack of sleep can do just as much harm towards your body. Do plenty of exercises, and this can be walking, cycling, low impact cardio aerobics, and eat healthy meals. Remember to always consult with your doctor before doing any exercise.

How do I protect my baby’s hearing during a cesarean?

The best way to protect your baby hearing during a c-section is following doctor’s orders. You may be put to sleep during the entire procedure. Your baby may be tested a few days later because fluid could have entered their ears during the c-section. Your baby may be tested a few days later because most c-section babies fail the hearing screen test if done too early.


Your baby can hear very early, and if you’re concerned about your baby’s hearing, you should make an appointment for screening. Depending on what kind of delivery you have, you may have to wait until the coast is clear for testing. As mentioned above, there are signs you can follow and determine if your baby needs to be seen.

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