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When Can My Baby Hear Me in the Womb?

When it comes to pregnancy, it is normal to start bonding with your belly. A lot of people even start to talk and coo to it. Sometimes people may even get their partners to talk to their belly, in hopes of creating a bond. There is a lot to know in regards to what your baby can hear while they are in the womb. It can be a little confusing with all of the different information, so here is everything you should know when it comes to your baby’s hearing development in the womb.

When And How Does Hearing Develop?

When you are only four to five weeks along in your pregnancy, the cells in the embryo will start to form into a mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. At week nine, indentions will appear where your baby’s ears will be. Finally, at 18 weeks, they can start to hear sounds. Between weeks 18 and 24, they will start to become more sensitive to sounds. It isn’t until they have reached week 25 or 26, that they will start to respond to voices. There are a lot of different noises that your baby will hear besides voices. They are surrounded by amniotic fluid, which causes the things that they do hear to be muffled. Some studies have shown that noises from inside the womb are muted by about half. Just like once they are out of the womb, all babies are different. What one baby responds to, another might sleep through. You just need to try a few different things to see what they will enjoy.

What Are The Benefits?

There are quite a few benefits that come from talking to your baby while they are still in your womb. The two most common reasons that people make a special effort to talk to their baby is to promote bonding as well as to improve language development. You and your partner can both talk to your baby to help create a bond. Your partner should make a special priority to sit down and talk to your stomach at least once a day. This will help your baby get used to your partner’s voice, and they will feel more comfortable when they hear it after they’re born. If your partner is away, you can hold a voice recording of them talking up to your belly and play it for your baby to hear. Talking to your baby is also a great way to develop their brain by strengthening their nervous system and neural network. It is also going to help develop their sense of hearing, so when they are born, they won’t be in for such a surprise. The last thing it will do is to help calm your baby. If your baby is restless, you may try talking to them, and you will notice that they will calm down pretty quickly.

What Should You Say To Them?

Since your baby can hear you, that means you should be conscious of what you are saying. You do not need to spend all day talking in a baby voice, but you should make sure that you are using a calm, gentle voice. This is another thing that will help to keep your baby at ease. You should make sure that you are taking time to specifically talk to them instead of just assuming that they will be learning from daily conversations. It would be a good idea to start reading books aloud. This will be good for the baby, but it will also be good practice for you. You will develop the habit of reading to them daily, which you can carry over once they are born. Some people will even play music for their baby. There is conflicting research when it comes to this topic. Some people claim that it will help them learn more languages, while others say there is no point. If Mozart or other relaxing music keeps them calm, there is no harm in playing it for them.

Can They Recognize Voices?

Things can sound a little different to your baby while they are in your belly. That doesn’t mean that they won’t recognize you when they get out. If you have spent time talking, singing, and reading to your baby while they are in your womb, they will recognize your voice. Your voice is going to be the most recognizable to your baby. This is because your voice will travel through the vibrations of your bones and body, which will amplify it for your baby. Everyone else’s voice is going to have to go through your stomach and uterus before it reaches the baby. This will make it sound muffled. That doesn’t mean that your baby won’t recognize these voices. If your partner spends plenty of time talking to your baby, then they will recognize them as well. It isn’t until late pregnancy that your baby will be able to distinguish a difference in voices. So, make sure you are both spending plenty of time talking to your baby.

Are There Any Noises You Should Avoid?

Some expecting mothers worry about loud noises around their babies. It is isn’t likely that one concert is going to cause permanent damage to your child. However, if you work around loud machinery or music, you may want to take some time off while you are pregnant. Prolonged exposure to loud noises such as airplanes, guns, sirens, machinery, and trucks may lead to hearing loss for your child.


Speaking to your unborn baby may make you look crazy. However, it is a great practice that you should get into whenever you are pregnant. The majority of mothers end up doing it without even thinking. However, it is better if you are more deliberate and talking about informational stuff. Babies that are only hours old will be able to tell the difference between their native language and a foreign language. This is just from listening to you talk and read to them.

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