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When Can I Put My Baby in a Jumper?

Your baby will most likely need all sorts of activities to keep them occupied as they begin to grow. This will give you time so that you do household chores, conduct business, and some times you just need to rest. It is your choice as to what you use to do this. Some mothers purchase swings. Other mothers buy toys. Some mothers will use television to occupy their children’s time. You are considering a jumper. Many mothers go that route but do not know at what age they should introduce it to their child. This is a very valid question, and many things should be considered. To make that decision, you have to think specifically about your child. You can generalize, but the age, weight, and maturity of your specific child are important.

1. Consider Your Baby’s Age

Most mothers will start thinking about a baby jumper at roughly 4 – 6 months of age. About this age, your child is old enough that they are aware of their surroundings to enjoy the fact that they are in a jumper. Before this age, jumping may scare the child. Their little legs may not even be strong enough for some babies to push and enjoy bouncing. If either of these things happens, this deletes the entire point of having a jumper.

2. Consider Your Baby’s Weight & Maturity

Also, consider the size of your child. If your is too small at the time, he or she may sway back and forth in the jumper and can cause your baby to harm himself. If a jumper can be dangerous, you do not want to use it, of course. Take into consideration if your baby can hold his or her head up or does he or she have good control of his neck. If they are still having trouble with that, it may be too early for a jumper. Wait a little while longer.

3. Consider the Jumper’s Safety

When considering the safety of a jumper, you have to look at many aspects. Mostly you are looking into the different makers and types. There are all kinds. You should shop around and read reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask people about what type they use and even see if you can let your baby try out a friend’s jumper if you are over for a visit. This will give you a better idea if it works for you. You should always research lawsuits. Check on deaths or incidences that have occurred as a result of someone using or buying that particular brand or product. Go a little further with your research and look up the entire company—research lawsuits related to the company and other products. You will want to do this because not all the time has been an incident with your product. You could be the first one, and you don’t want to put your child in danger because of that.

Just take your time when choosing your product and make sure you do the research. You can thoroughly check out everything available to you before making a purchase, and you will feel more comfortable as your child plays.

4. Consider the Pros to Jumpers

There are many pros of buying your child a jumper as long as he or she is ready for it. You will be engaging them in physical activity and strengthening their legs. Many studies show that jumpers help with child development and increase a child’s personality and leaves them pleasantly delighted. This may be exactly what you are trying to do.

Parents can score some much needed time to rest from holding their child or having to pick them up constantly. They have time to do a few things around the house. Of course, this is a major plus for any parent with one child or many.

5. Consider the Cons to Jumpers

Some studies show that the positioning of a baby in a jumper is improper and pushes them forward instead of up. This causes issues that will later be detrimental to the development of your child. They have been instances where jumpers have delayed children from walking if they spent too much time in them.

Another con of a jumper has also been noted as being that it often leaves the baby with much time alone. This is because the parent leaves the baby to play by themselves. Of course, this is much of the reason the baby jumper was created, but the issue is that some parents are taking advantage of this and using it as a babysitter and leaving children for hours at a time, not for minutes. This can be an issue as children begin to maneuver and can learn to get out of the jumper. It becomes a hazard. If your child can get out of the jumper and move around without you knowing, it can be dangerous for them and everyone else in the home.


Ultimately, whether you buy a baby jumper and when you do, it is all up to you. That is kind of how it goes with all “mommy decisions.” That is the pleasure of being a mommy. The final decision falls on you. When it comes to the jumper, don’t sweat it too hard. This is not one that will change your life too much. It may make your day a tad simpler or your evenings a little faster, but all in all, in all, you will still be dubbed a “great mom.” You can make this decision among all of the other million ones that you make in the run of your week. Your child will continue to grow and learn.

So in conclusion, a jumper can be an asset, but if you have decided against it, there are some other options. Many other items can replace a jumper at or around the same age that your child might use a jumper.

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