When Can My Baby Sleep with a Blanket?

When Can Babies Sleep with a Blanket?

A baby can sleep with a blanket when they reach 12 months of age. Many parents prefer to play it safe and leave the blankets out for another week or two, or even an entire month, just to make sure the dangerous SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) passes. SIDS is a major threat to the well-being of any baby and anything in the crib that poses a safety hazard should immediately be removed. If you have a bassinet, clear it out too of anything that should be in there. A blanket is one of those things.

Your baby’s crib or bassinet will be a constant part of both their life and yours for the next couple of years. People with smaller houses or who want a “bed” with more mobility will choose a bassinet. Others will opt for a crib because it more closely mimics a real bed that your child will one day sleep in. Another reason to choose a bassinet is if you have a very small home or apartment. Bassinets work wonders in smaller rooms and sleep environments. They’re also very cozy for baby and easier to move to a different room. Blankets are a safety subject for every parent. It doesn’t matter if you have a bassinet or a crib. Blankets are off-limits for the first year.

The 12 Month Mark

If you’re wondering when can baby sleep with blanket, the answer is that a baby can sleep with a blanket when they are about 12 months old. Every child develops differently, so remember that if your child is a bit delayed on some things, or learning to do other things that might increase mobility quicker than other babies, it might be better to ask a pediatrician if the child is ready. There’s no good excuse to ever take a chance on something like this. It could cost a baby their life, and a good parent like you would never forgive themselves for this. As a general rules, though, a baby can sleep with blanket when they reach a year old.

Many parents worry that without a blanket, their children will get cold at night. There’s nothing to worry about here! Nature makes babies a little bit different from adults in this department. If your baby wears something warm to bed, they’re more than able to remain warm without a blanket. Bedding as well as blankets are not a good idea before a year old. Anything in the crib that poses a suffocation hazard is off limits, but especially blankets. Generally after 12 months old it’s you that decides that your baby can sleep with a blanket. It’s your call as a parent.

Crib Safety Basics

All new parents have heard the horror stories about SIDS, and it’s for this reason that parents wonder when can baby sleep with blanket. Experts agree that a baby can sleep with blanket when they’re about a year old, give or take a bit of time depending on developmental milestones. What makes it safe at a year old? Well, it has to do with those developmental milestones that your baby is constantly reaching. Every day with a baby is truly a milestone, but they’re growing up so fast and accomplishing so much that it’s hard to keep up with it all.

So what makes a 12 month old different from an infant under 12 months? A few things.

  • Under 12 months, babies don’t have the muscle strength, reflexes, and know how to remove objects from their path
  • Dexterity means that those loose blankets in the crib may suffocate your baby
  • Reflexes and coordination aren’t well-developed before the 12 month marker, so your baby simply isn’t as mobile or able to protect its little nose from objects

Safety Concerns

More than the 12 month marker, think of it as your baby can sleep with blanket when they are able to remove blankets from their face. Before placing a loose blanket or anything else in the crib or bassinet, make sure your baby has developed enough to be able to roll over and remove objects from the head area. Its muscles and strength should be well-developed enough to roll over and move around the crib. It’s this movement that will protect them from the danger of SIDS and make it safe to put a blanket in the crib. So the next time you wonder when can baby sleep with blanket, just know you need to be on the lookout for all the signs that your baby could remove a blanket from the face area should the blanket make its way there.

Not every baby can sleep with blanket when they’re a year old. A developmental delay for one reason or another might cause your baby to lack the skills he or she needs to safely sleep with a blanket unsupervised. If you don’t think your baby can sleep with blanket when it’s a year old, you can turn to others who have addressed this issue in their own lives for opinion or speak to your pediatrician about this all-important safety issue.

Reasons To Look Forward To This

Blankets are often one of the most secure thing a child will take through life. Your child will likely have a favorite blanket and transport it everywhere. Not all children do this, but a favorite “binky” is often the first thing your child will latch onto. Security blankets and regular blankets are different. For parents, it’s the bedding type blankets that will be the most fun. You’ll be able to decorate your baby’s crib more lavishly and really get some spirit going in your child’s room. Picking out bedding and blankets for your child’s first crib will likely be one of your favorite milestones, and you can rest assured that your baby can sleep with blanket when they’re mobile enough to move around their world (their crib).

Indicators to Look For

To review, a baby can sleep with blanket when they’re mobile in their crib, able to roll over, able to remove objects from their face, and seem generally steady in their sleep environment in terms of being able to control it. If your baby can sleep with blanket when all of these things occur, it’s going to be a great day for you because that means it’s time to pick out the perfect new bedding and blankets for your child. Parents often get excited about the concept of baby bedding and those precious security blankets. If you’re one of those parents wondering if your baby can sleep with blanket when they’re about a year old, the answer is yes.

A baby can sleep with a blanket when:

  • They are able to remove objects from the face
  • The first birthday has pased
  • ┬áMuscular strength to roll over has been developed. Consider waiting if your baby cannot roll over.


Developmental delays may affect whether or not your baby can sleep with blanket when they’re a year old. In the case of those developmental delays, a baby may not be able to sleep with blanket when they’re a year old.

In this instance, talk to your pediatrician about what might be causing the delays and how you can make your baby more ready to sleep with blankets and bedding in their bed. Remember this is not a frivolous issue. It’s a safety issue that could mean life or death! If you have any doubts left at all, turn to the pediatrician that will keep your baby safe during infancy and childhood. They know best.