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Help! What to Wear to a Baby Shower?!

You are looking through your closet, and you realize you have nothing to wear… or rather nothing works. Your ruffle through your clothes, hoping to find at least one sensible ensemble for the baby shower.

Then you stop as it suddenly dawns on you.

What does anyone wear to a baby shower?

Weddings have dress codes; those are easy to find and follow; they are always explicitly printed on the card. A thought that leads you back to the baby shower invitation. You pick up and bring close to your eyes so that your nose is almost touching it. You squint, hoping the instructions for the dress code will jump at you, but to no avail.

You flip the card to the back just to make sure you didn’t miss a thing but still nothing.

“Ugh!” you exclaim and drop to your seat, staring at your clothes strewn all over the floor in your room.

Then it dawns on you, and you reach for your phone and stumble upon this article. Someone has thought of this one before, right?

Yes, we have.

We understand that baby showers don’t come with many instructions except the locations and the gifts expected. But being invited to a baby shower is a pretty big deal. It means that the people are inviting you to consider you someone they trust and share their precious one with. It means you are very important to them. So it’s always best to put your best foot forward.

Baby showers are intimate, and the dress code usually comes down to the location and the activities. Below are the best ways to know what to wear to a baby shower.

Look your best

This is a fail-safe. Always look your best will make sure you don’t malfunction in any way. Besides, looking your best makes you feel your best, and that will make going to the zoo in your best black mini feather dress and heels with polka dot tights so normal.

Wait, before you think no, that’s ridiculous. It’s not. When you look good, you feel good. It’s a fail-safe.

Looking at your best might seem like an outdated concept and may remind you of the times people dressed up when they travel, but it is also important to understand why it was done and why it worked.

Looking for your best gives your max confidence and removes all social obstacles. You stand out as the one enjoying their life, and everyone loves that joy. Looking for your best brings you to the right side of everything, and the only way from where you stand is the best way.
Looking your best doesn’t mean you take out your best evening wear for a day time party. It simply means whatever time the social event, make sure you select an appropriate dress that looks the best for that time and event.

Smart Casual for backyard BBQ shower

A baby shower’s location will always dictate its dress code. A baby shower hosted as a backyard BBQ means informal and relaxed. This means you can pair your casual clothes with polish, also known as smart casual.

Smart casual means you look polished in relaxed clothes.

You can wear jeans and your flip flops, just make sure to balance the casual with well-done hair, a clean shirt, and some jewelry.

Any of your clothes can translate into smart casual if handled well. Tights become smart casual if you couple them with a smart shirt or crop top accessorized with your clean flats, pumps, or sneakers.

If you go down the tights look, you have to accessorize with a nice bracelet, earrings, and necklaces. Your hair has to be polished to add balance to your casual wear.

The principle here is about balance. You want to look like you put effort into your choice of dress and not look like you just stepped off the treadmill or a mineshaft.

Don’t forget to get a manicure and pedicure too. #effort.

You can also pair a skirt, shorts, or pants with flats, sneakers, or heels. If you are wearing heels, make sure you are comfortable, and you wear heels often because you will be moving a lot and will need to be comfortable in your shoes. If the event is on grass, you can add stoppers to the bottom of your heel to stop them from sinking into the grass.

Ladies Luncheon Baby Shower

This baby shower is usually held at a family member’s house or a restaurant or even a club. It is important to remain comfortable but polished with your attire.

With this type of location, it is important not to wear flip flops. Those are a no go zone. You can wear your flats, sandals, heels, sneakers – which should be clean and not your gym sneakers.

It is important to remember not to wear denim or any kind. It’s too casual for this location unless you are part of the hosting party. Denim has its history in workwear as in rugged outdoor workwear. It was made as working wear and still invokes that standard. It’s best to bring out your cotton, silk, lace, chiffon fabric for this location.

The baby shower at a country club

It is important to understand that country clubs have dress codes. Check the country club’s website for its dress code, which is posted for its members.

Country clubs do not allow denim or tank tops or vests in most cases. The dress code for country clubs is your most elegant day wear.

For men, this would mean a sports jacket, with khaki pants of any color and nice clean loafers, and a nice shirt. The idea is to look like you just walked off a Ralph Lauren photo shoot without the denim.

Women can wear their dress clothes, not work for clothes. Think editor of a fashion magazine. If you were an editor of a fashion magazine, what would you wear? You would look glamorous, but functional, meaning you wouldn’t wear your evening dress or cocktail dress but rather your printed jacket with matching pants, think Liberty of London fabric.

Dress for the activities

It is important to make sure that you are dressed correctly for the location and activities. The setting of the baby shower dictates these.

If the baby shower is near a beach, then take your bikini with you, your beach paddle for paddleball, and since your flip flops to allow you to walk from sand to grass easily.

If the shower is a BBQ, flats or sneakers are best if you are not an expert in wearing heels. If you love wearing heels, then go ahead and put on your fun sandals or wedges.

Dressing up is fun, and you should enjoy it. The saying goes, “When you look good, you feel good.”

It is important always to look at your best and, most importantly, to be comfortable in the clothes you are wearing.

How you look says a lot about how you feel about yourself. Looking good can sometimes be abused and used to mask insecurity, but it, most importantly, an outward sign of the love you have for yourself. Do not always be afraid to look your best, even when you have nowhere to go.

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