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Help! What to Pack for Vacation With Baby?!

Traveling with babies is not a scary as you may think. For the most part, babies are easy to travel with compared to the average toddler or teenager. Think about it, they won’t ask you to stop every hour to use the restroom, they won’t cry that their feet hurt from walking, and you will not have to hear over and over the question, most parents dread, “are we there yet?”

To be honest, you will need the everyday essentials. Some may be awkward if you are flying to your destination, such as a car seat and stroller, but these items can easily be checked at baggage or when boarding the plane. If you are driving to your destination, then these items are most likely always stored in your vehicle, so it should be no added stress at all.

While traveling with a baby may be overwhelming the first time, many of your worries can be extinguished with what to pack for vacation with a baby checklist. Creating this checklist will most likely ensure you have everything you need for the baby. Please keep in mind. You will most likely be traveling to a civilized area, not the arctic circle.

Therefore, if you forget anything, anything at all, chances are there will be Walmart or a shopping center close by to pick up any forgotten items baby may need. Ok, so let’s not stress. Let’s begin the checklist for what to pack for vacation with baby.

Important items to pack when vacationing with the baby. Let’s start with the large items first and move on to the smaller items.

Baby Carrier

Whether you are traveling via airplane or driving to your vacation destination, it is important to be able to have your hands free. Placing a baby in a baby carrier will be most effective when navigating through the airport in a stress-free fashion. If you are not flying to your destination, it’s nice to have a baby carrier available during family activities, sightseeing, or while waiting in line at an attraction. This bay baby will be close to you at all times, and your hands will be free to carry your souvenirs or the edible treat you picked up on your adventure.

Car Seat

Bringing a car seat with you on vacation is no hassle at all. If you are flying to your destination, the car seat can be checked at baggage. Please keep in mind: The baby is allotted the same number of baggage any other traveler is allotted. This also saves you the additional fees required to rent a car seat from a rental car agency. If you are driving to your destination, then your car seat should already be in the car.


It is very nice and convenient to have a stroller during your travels. If you are road tripping during your vacation, then you will probably leave your stroller in your car. However, if you are flying, I recommend you take a stroller with you, especially if you plan on any adventurous excursions or sightseeing when you reach your destination. Strollers can be checked at the baggage terminal, or they can be checked when boarding the plane. Having a stroller will save you the additional cost of renting one during excursions. Also, keep in mind, you do not have to bring your massive everyday stroller. I recommend just bringing your simple umbrella stroller. They come in handy when baby tires out while exploring the wonderful world of vacationing.

Ok, now that we’ve put the large items on our list, let’s get to the smaller everyday basic items.

Diapers, Swim Diapers, Diaper Cream, and Wipes

Before leaving for vacation, you should determine, on average, how many diapers your baby goes through each day. As an example, if a baby goes through 5 diapers each day, error on the side of caution, pack a few extra, maybe 8 for each day. Unless you are going somewhere, diapers are not readily available, do no stress over how you are going to pack 56 diapers for a seven-day vacation.

Keep in mind. You have babies suitcase and your diaper bag. Also, one tube of diaper cream should suffice, as well as a regular package of wipes. Oh, and don’t forget to swim, diapers! If the baby is taking a dip in the pool or ocean, be sure they are wearing a swim diaper.

Bottles, Breast Milk or Formula, and Snacks

Be sure not to forget baby bottles or extra breast milk for feeding time. If you breastfeed, depending upon your travel time and restrictions (as an example, you are driving during a shift), consider packaging your breast milk in storage bags and keeping it in a cooler carrier if you are not driving to your destination and are not the main driver, maybe consider packing a nursing cover. Also, please ensure enough snacks are on hand for a baby should they be at that stage of eating. Be sure to check with TSA for breast milk packaging regulations should you be taking some in your carry – on.


While clothing is a given, pack a couple of extra outfits for each day. Baby clothes are small, so you can most likely get a week’s supply in a suitcase with your clothes. Keep in mind. You may pack some dressy clothing and comfortable clothing. Be sure to pack a bathing suit, towel (one for swimming and one for bath time), and sun hat.

First Aid Kit

As a parent, you should carry a first aid kit at all times. I always kept one in my diaper bag. Thankfully the most I ever had to use out of the mine was some antibiotic cream and a band-aid. Some items you should keep in your first aid kit for baby include a thermometer, infant Tylenol or ibuprofen, antibiotic cream, bandaids, nose aspirator, the saline solution to clear a stuffy nose, or rinse irritants from eyes, gauze, and whatever items you feel are necessary.

Babies Favorite Things

To ensure the smoothest travel possible, be sure to pack items baby loves and is a comfort for baby. Be sure to bring baby’s favorite blanket, favorite stuffy, favorite book for bedtime stories, and some teething rings or pacifiers that is if baby uses these items. Travel can be very tiresome to adults; therefore, I would guess baby would want a few of their favorite things to ease them off to sleepy land.


Be sure to pack sunscreen to protect baby from harmful sun rays, baby shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion, etc.. If you are storing these items in a carry-on, be sure to check TSA regulations. If you should forget these items, don’t stress on vacation, you should be able to get them somewhere.

Emergency Contacts

As a precaution, a list of important contacts should be kept not only for the baby but for everyone you travel with. The babies list should include Dr. contact, next of kin contact(this should be someone not traveling with you), and any pertinent information that should be known about the baby, such as blood type, allergies, and medications.

As we come to the end of our list, I hope I have made it easier for you to decide what to take to make your vacation with the baby as memorable and stress-free as possible. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, it should be enjoyable. Creating a list of items to pack is the most organized way to ensure you have everything you need.

While different destinations may require different necessities, you can customize your list to meet your needs. A baby needs a lot, so much it may seem overwhelming, but once you get organized, you can get packing. It is not as overwhelming as it may look or sound when you first tackle the task. Please, please, please keep in mind if you forget something, do not worry, you are going to be somewhere that has the items you need. Happy travels, and make it a great vacation!

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