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What Does My Preschooler Need for School?

Are you ready for school? If you’re getting your preschooler ready for his or her first day, you may wonder what you need. It’s fun packing fresh school supplies for a new school year. You and your preschooler will enjoy the bright colors, the newness and the excitement of that first day.

There are some words that naturally go with supplies for preschoolers. Those words are:

  • Washable.
  • Nontoxic.
  • Safe for children.

Keep these in mind when you’re buying supplies. You don’t want your little one using anything that’s hard to wash out or that could end up hurting them.

What Do Kids Do In Preschool?

Most preschool classes center on fun activities like drawing, playing and napping, but you might be surprised by how much learning happens in preschool. Your little ones might get nature walks, hands-on science activities and even computer time.

Basic Preschool Supplies

Now that we’ve covered those basics, it’s time to answer the question. What does your preschooler need to bring? You don’t know what the school will supply, so it’s important to pack the basics in your little one’s bag or backpack.

Here’s a list that will meet the needs of most preschool activities:

  • Construction paper.
  • Washable markers.
  • Washable crayons.
  • Hexagon-tip colored pencils.
  • Child-friendly, nontoxic glue stick.
  • Child-safe scissors.

These basic supplies will let your little one take part in almost everything the teacher has planned.

What Else Do You Need?

Here are other items you might need.

Backpack: Start your preschooler’s new adventure right with their very own backpack. You can hand down an older child’s old favorite or buy a new one for your preschooler. The backpack should be soft, lightweight and toddler-sized.

Refillable water bottle: Look for a metal bottle with a fun print. Your preschooler will enjoy staying hydrated with a cute bottle.

Pocket folders: They might need to carry their artwork or school forms back and forth. Help them stay organized with colorful folders.

Lunch box: Pack your little one’s favorite snacks and drinks in an insulated lunch box.

Reusable food bags: These environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic baggies are great for carrying snacks, sandwiches and treats. They will last the whole school year.

Washable paint set: If art class is on the preschool schedule, your kid will be ready.

Don’t Forget These Items

Make staying clean easy for your preschooler and their teacher with these items.

Tissues: These will always come in handy.

Cleaning and sanitizing wipes: Your preschool teacher will appreciate seeing these in your child’s backpack.

Waterproof wet bag: Pack a fresh set of clothes in a specially designed bag that will keep them dry. If your child has an accident at school, she’ll have clean clothes to change into. Tell her to pack the wet, stinky clothes back in the wet bag. It will keep the smell and wetness contained for the trip home.

Masks: Many schools now require them. Pack a couple in case your child loses one.

Get Your Child Ready to Enjoy Preschool

Starting preschool is exciting, but your little one might be nervous. Make sure they know this is a big deal. Here are some ideas:

  • Take a picture of them as they’re getting ready to leave for preschool.
  • Promise them a celebration meal when they get home.
  • Tell them how much fun they’re going to have.

Preschool games, art classes, nature walks and other activities might seem like play, but they introduce important concepts to little minds. Preschool is an opportunity to learn while having fun.

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