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6 Ways to Explain What Being Pregnant Feels Like

Pregnancy is difficult for many! It also can be heaven for many. The consensus is that it is different for all. Every pregnancy comes with its share of feelings that will take a pregnant mother out of their comfort zone. You have no idea what you are feeling. You have no idea what to expect. Your first pregnancy may be different than your second, and your second may be different from your fifth. The important thing to remember is that mothers are built for it, and your bodies can endure a lot. We should be open to the changes, talk to other mothers, and inform your doctor of anything out of the ordinary. This article will focus on some simple things that you may be feeling during your pregnancy.

1. Fluttering in the Pit of Your Stomach

Long before you may even experience a missed period, you may feel flutters. That is the way this symptom has been described for years all across the world. It feels like butterflies in the pit of your stomach. It is just faint movements in your stomach where the fetus is in the early stages of development. Often, this is the way that mothers know that they are pregnant before they have a positive pregnancy test. It doesn’t hurt, but can be bothersome depending on how often it happens. For some, it is constant. Some mothers even say that it makes them nauseous.

There is not much that you can do about this symptom. It usually disappears after the first trimester. It is replaced with bigger movements from the baby. Those movements are reportedly less worrisome than the early flutters that are felt by moms.

2. Nausea in the Morning, Noon, and Night

Most mothers are aware that they may experience morning sickness. You may even know that it may be persistent sometimes throughout the day. Not many know that they will be plagued with constant nausea. Some deal with nausea and vomiting so much that they have to be hospitalized. It can get so bad that it hinders the growth of your baby. The doctor must intervene with medicine or some other methods. Vomiting can lead to dehydration and become very serious for the mother and the baby.

Nausea is just a part of pregnancy, but most mothers combat it with some simple fixes that include eating smaller meals more often. You should try never to get empty. Always keep a snack. Avoid milk and foods that may spoil on your stomach. Hard candy is a known remedy that helps with nausea for some

3. Lack of Energy

Not that we all don’t suffer from a lack of energy daily as we have busy schedules, but pregnant women deal with it on a bigger scale. You may notice an unusually low energy level during your pregnancy. Your body is carrying around extra weight and trying to grow an entire person inside. There is no question as to why you are having trouble doing the things that you normally do without effort. Your lungs have less space to expand.

You can combat fatigue while pregnant by getting extra sleep at night. Walk slower when you have a long way to go. Your hormones are changing, and your blood pressure and blood sugars are different, so make sure that you are eating properly and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

4. Bloating

Anyone who is gaining weight at the rate of a pregnant woman will probably feel bloated. That is a given after all there is a baby in your belly. Most of the bloating, however, is from your digestive system. You are more than likely very gassy and retaining water. You are taught to drink plenty of water, but this does not help if you are eating foods high in salt. This will raise your blood pressure, and you will not be able to rid your body of that salt, and that will cause you to see swelling all over your body. The swelling will show up in the form of pounds gained. If you see weight gained in your face, be sure to contact your doctor right away. There may be something more urgent going on.

Bloating is a part of pregnancy, of course, but you can reduce that by laying off of the salts. Also, try to take some over the counter “Gas X” or ask your doctor for something safe for you to take that will help with your gas. You will notice a change in how much bloating you have almost immediately.

5. Constipation

Constipation can be tied back into how bloated you feel but can stand alone as well. Constipation can come from the iron supplements that the doctors have you taking during your pregnancy. Being constipated can be painful. It can be dangerous, as well. Constipation, if it lasts too long, can turn into a medical emergency. Constipation can lead to a bowel obstruction, so make sure that you monitor this one closely. If you feel extreme pain or any blood, you should let a doctor know immediately. People are meant to have bowel movements regularly, and when we do not, it can be a serious situation. This gets even more serious when we mix it with another situation as serious as being pregnant.

You can alleviate this situation by trying to eat foods high in fiber. You should also be sure to take in lots of fluids to make sure that you are hydrated. Also, practice minimum exercise so that you will stay active and help move excrement through your system.

6. Pain in the Back and Joints

Aches and pains will quickly take over a pregnant woman’s body. Mostly because of the growing belly and how the body is rearranging. Extra pounds add weight to the joints and put stress all over. As the pregnancy progresses, the pain will most likely get worse. Your baby is growing and taking up more space. Therefore you will have increased discomfort.

You can decrease these pains by staying active. Many mothers find help by practicing yoga, stretching, and walking daily.


The feeling of pregnancy varies between every person, but there are similarities for many. You can cope with the changes in your body by remembering that you are growing a new little person inside that you will meet soon.

  • Fluttering in The Pit of Your Stomach
  • Nausea in the Morning, Noon, & Night
  • Lack of Energy
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Pain in the Back & Joints

These changes to your body are normal. If they should get too bothersome, you can try some of the simple fixes mentioned above in this article. Your doctor may also be able to assist with some recommendations for alleviating some of these issues.

For more on some of how your body will feel during pregnancy, you may want to check out this article.

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