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8 Tips for Wearing Your Baby

It may seem like a funny thing to hear about wearing your baby as if they were fashion accents. However, such a concept as wearing your baby has been around for centuries. Basically, a woman wears the baby in specially made products such as a baby sling, baby wrap, and soft structured carriers. Each of these is designed a specific way to make it not only possible to wear your baby close to your chest but to do so safely when following the instructions properly. Yes, one of the main benefits of wearing a child on us is convenience. It makes it possible to go about your daily activities while still keeping an eye on your baby at the same time. However, there are other benefits that mothers have discovered along the way that should be considered as well.

1. Slings and wraps are economical.

When we stop to think about it a baby wrap costs less than strollers. Heck even having more than one would be cheaper on the pocketbook. Not only are these a good value but if a new mother is handing wit a sewing machine and purchases cotton fabric she can make these herself. Keep in mind when doing so to not only follow the pattern to the letter but to ensure that all safety perimeters are in place. Remember, the wraps that are manufactured have to go through safety tests to determine that a baby will not only be protected but no harm will come to them while in the wrap.

2. Helps with the bonding process for mother and child.

When a child is born it might be difficult for a mother to bond with the baby at first. Nothing is wrong with her, it is just a process and sometimes hormones are involved. The baby will again hear the mother’s heartbeat and the mother will have an opportunity to have the child laying on her chest cuddling close to her. Wearing the baby on her person can help her and the newborn reconnect as they had when the baby was in the womb.

3. Helps father and others to bond with baby.

When a mother is carrying the baby around with her, the father spends more time n the child’s presence. This could lead to him talking to the baby more then he would if the baby were lying in a nursery. For that matter where is it written that the woman is the only one who wears the baby wrap, men can do it as well, and would even add to the bonding process. But not only the parents benefit, siblings, visiting family members and friends will also be spending more time with the baby as well. Suddenly the baby is a part of everyone’s day to day lives more and will view the world as not just consisting of their mother. This helps the child to learn about those individuals who will be in their life as they grow up.

4. Baby’s will cry less.

The world can be a scary place. A newborn is still getting used to being a part of it. So, leaving a newborn in a crib alone could frighten them, which will lead to them crying. They want to be held because holding them makes them feel secure. However, taking the time to hold a baby constantly cuts back on the other things you need to get done. So, wearing the baby will eliminate this problem. The baby will now feel more secure and you will have your hands free to go about your daily routine. All the while eliminating the crying for attention that could result from keeping them in a nursery.

5. Promotes physical development.

When a baby is carried in a sling or wrap they are now aware of their mother’s activities. They not only hear her heartbeat but her breathing as well. They become aware of when the mother sits, stands, bends over, and reaches. This all leads to the stimulation of their cognitive skills. Another benefit is that the child is held a certain way to mimic the way it was positioned in the womb. This will lead to a child learning how to properly balance their body on their own, helping in the overall development process.

6. Promotes breastfeeding for the baby.

It can be a challenge at first to teach a newborn about breastfeeding. But wearing the baby seems to promote the process in a more effective manner. Suddenly the baby is more apt to want to nurse, new mothers will also be more alert to when the baby is hungry. Plus the sling could add a bit more discreet to nurse while in public.

7. Helps a child’s communication skills.

While the baby lies securely in the sling, no doubt the mother will talk to them. This helps the baby to start to understand words. Perhaps the child will even start to try to communicate back in their own way. Yes, it would be through gestures, and facial expressions at first, but this will help the parent to be a tune to their child’s feelings at that particular point.

8. It gives parent’s peace of mind.

When a mother is out running errands, such as going to the nearby store or out for a walk, wearing their baby helps them know the child is safe. Turns out that wraps are necessarily just for newborns. Since most wraps hold up to 40 pounds, a small toddler learning to walk can also be carried in them. This cuts down on the child wanting to go off exploring in public. Yes, the ideal place for any baby or toddler while in a car is a car seat, but once out of the car, a wrap can be an effective way to keep track of the small child.

These are the benefits of wearing your baby. Yes, there are some precautions to take into consideration which is why there is some criticism about the process. But keep in mind that when done properly the advantages are definitely there. The best final advice we can give you is to take the time to learn how the use a baby wrap properly. Read the instructions and watch some informative videos online that illustrate the process. Bottom line your baby is going to be the most important thing you are wearing on your body.

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