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Several Unique Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Adding a new bundle of joy to your home is an exciting time for couples but deciding how to announce the news of a baby to others takes planning. You must decide when you want to reveal your big secret and to whom you wish to share this moment with first. Some want to keep this simple and choose just to tell others they are expecting, but others want to surprise their loved ones, especially. However you decide to share the news of your pregnancy, it should be personal and fun for you and the people you share the moment with. If you are looking for a creative way to reveal the news, here are six unique ways to announce your pregnancy.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Whether you are looking to be funny or sweet when you announce your new baby, it is easy to get your message out with a photo. Many people enjoy finding photo poses that are new and unique to their own families. If you are interested in this type of announcement, your pictures could include family pets, other kids, or a special place your family shares. You may want to consider hiring a professional photographer to help get the perfect shot that will allow for frameable prints for you to share with your loved ones. Not only will these prints be fun to shoot, but they will make excellent gifts to help keep this memory special and unique.

Social Media is Your Friend

Deciding on a platform for your news is difficult, but social media gives you a platform that many, if not all, of your friends and family, most likely use. This is a place to share your announcement via photo, video, memes, or other ways that allow you to connect with others. Often people will use social media to share an announcement video. Some ideas for social media video announcements include:

  • Reaction videos
  • Song parody video, staring you
  • Movie trailers, based on your true story
  • Waiting on the home test for the reveal.

Any way that you decide to share your news on social media will allow you to share with many people at once. You could even do a watch party and get people to join to see the news live. This is a great way to include family and friends who are out of town but would love to be a part of your special day.

Dinner with the Family

There are many ways to give your pregnancy announcement at a dinner party with family or close friends. You can put a message under the food on the plate, have special glassware to tell people their new titles, or wear new mommy/daddy shirts to tell your secret. If you wish to be a little more conspicuous, serve foods that relate to babies, such as baby carrots, veal, milk, doughnut holes, and other fun food. Keep this up until someone starts to ask questions. Add baby-themed fortune cookies or just straight baby food if no one catches on to you surprise. Dinner can be an intimate way to share your new journey with those closest to you.

Give a Gift That Keeps Giving

If you want to share your news with certain people and are looking for a sweet way to surprise them, many gifts can serve this purpose. For example, if you want to tell your parents first, you can give them cookies or cups that say grandma and grandpa and wait for their reaction. Framed sonogram pictures, grandparent shirts, or special poems that tell them your news are other great gift ideas to make sharing your news special. This type of gift can work with anyone you are looking to tell about your new joy. You only need to find a way to personalize the gift towards the person you are telling.

Say it With Fashion

Have you ever wondered if anyone notices your new clothes? You spend lots of time picking out the right outfit for the right occasion and hope that someone notices your efforts. One way to find out if anyone pays attention to your fashion sense is to announce your pregnancy with it. Order or make an outfit that openly says you are expecting and wear this outfit to the next big family/friend event. Do not draw attention to the outfit and wait for someone to notice. Make a game out of it. See how long it take for certain people to notice or guess who will notice first or who will not notice at all. At the end of the event or at a time that feels right to you, make the announcement and let others celebrate your new addition with you.

Let the Office Know

Deciding when to tell the office you are pregnant can be tricky if you work at a place where you do not want to share the news with everyone. There will come a time when everyone will find out. The baby bump will give you away. So once you have decided you are ready to share, there some fun, creative ways to do this in the office.

One way is to bring treats for everyone and add a sign to invite everyone to take part. Also, add that you do not want to be the only one who gains weight while you wait for the baby. Another way is to play the game “Gossip.” Tell one person and see how long it takes for the news to spread. There are many fun ways to share the news at work, but you should always tell your boss before you tell anyone else.


Announcing your pregnancy is a personal decision that should be made with you and your partner before you decide how you want to do it. Once you decide who you want to tell and when adding a bit of fun to the announcement is easy. All you need is an idea, a way to spread the news, and a bit of creativity to make your announcement unique and special.

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