It is not surprising for a person to rely on Tylenol for a mild sickness, but is it safe for a baby?

All parents should ask these types of questions because babies are fragile, and there is no reason to put a baby in danger when all you have to do is ask the question “can I give my baby Tylenol?”

Is Tylenol Safe for My Baby?

You can rest easy knowing that giving Tylenol to a baby is not necessarily a bad thing. One thing to remember is that you need to pay close attention to the directions written on the medication.

You should also know that giving Tylenol to a baby is only okay if the baby is older than two months.

A sick baby is perhaps a parent’s worse nightmare because the child cannot tell you what is happening.

As a parent, you probably feel helpless and are itching to do something, but this particular medication is not intended for a baby younger than two months. Before this age, the question “is it safe?” cannot only be answered with “no.”

Things to Consider When Using Tylenol

Now, those who have a baby older than two months can rest easy knowing that the answer to “Can I Give My Baby Tylenol?” is “yes.” You know you can help your baby overcome whatever he or she is dealing with, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Dosage Matters

Giving Tylenol to a baby is okay as long as you pay attention to dosage because any miscalculation could lead to overdosage, and that mistake can be dangerous for your baby.

Pay attention to the following to get the dosage right:

  • Instructions on the label
  • Your baby’s exact weight
  • Your baby’s exact age

Frequency and Usage

Before you start giving your baby Tylenol, it is important that you figure out how many times you can do so throughout the day and how you are going to use the medication.

Remember, talking to your pediatrician before starting any medication is wise, but the label should help you figure out the frequency your baby is allowed to take this medication.

Keep the following in mind if you want to ensure that the answer to “is it safe to continue giving Tylenol to a baby?” remains the same:

  • Purchase the brand marked for babies
  • Take the medication every six hours or as recommended on the label
  • Consider altering the medication from time to time

Take Precautions

Now, you know the answer to the question, “Can I Give My Baby Tylenol?” You also have to make sure you keep your baby safe, but that does not mean mistakes cannot be made.

You want to add an additional safety net when giving Tylenol to a baby for your own peace of mind and the overall safety of your child. The safety net you want is a list of qualified help. Before giving your baby Tylenol, make sure you have the following list of numbers:

  • Talk to your pediatrician before giving Tylenol to a baby and get a number
  • Make sure you have the number of a nurse’s office before giving Tylenol to a baby, just in case the doctor does not answer
  • Get the number to poison control before giving your baby Tylenol

All you are doing is making sure you are prepared for the worst after giving your baby Tylenol, not that anything is going to happen. The likelihood of something going wrong after giving your baby Tylenol after following the instructions is low, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should keep in mind that giving Tylenol to a baby may be okay for a temporary illness, but your baby shouldn’t get sick all the time, so be sure to jot down how often your child gets sick.

Furthermore, giving your baby Tylenol also means exposing him or her to possible side effects linked to this medication. In essence, the goal is to keep your baby healthy and not give your baby Tylenol consistently.