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Are Your Twins Always Crying? When to Worry

When you learned you were expecting twins that things would be stressful. Taking care of one baby is a challenge at times. The idea of taking care of two can be overwhelming. There will be times when both babies are crying and you cannot do anything to stop it. .

Understand that you are doing the best you can. Having a bad day, letting your child cry longer than you would like, or having him wait while you tend to his sibling is not the end of the world. Cut yourself some slack. Understand that these daily challenges will not have a lasting impact.

Talk to Their Pediatrician

Your first step is to schedule an appointment with your pediatrician. Crying is one of the most effective ways babies have to communicate. With two babies it makes sense that there will be a lot of crying. However, if you truly feel that your babies are crying all the time, you want to rule out any problems. This is particularly important if the frequent crying marks a change in behavior.

Pain due to a health condition, such as an ear infection, they cause frequent crying. They are in pain and frustrated, and this is how they let you know. Visiting a pediatrician allows you to move forward with confidence that they are in good health. That should ease your mind at least somewhat when you hear them crying.

Take Time for Yourself

As a new parent, you are probably still getting used to the fact that you are responsible for the care of these babies. Even if you have a child already, twins are a different ballgame. It can be a rough transition, particularly if they are fussy. Take time for yourself. Try to get out of the house for a walk or cup of coffee. This helps relieve stress and allows you to face your babies with renewed peace.

You should also take time for yourself when your babies are crying. Before rushing to respond, take a second to take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale, calming your mind. Taking a few seconds before responding allows you to approach calmly. Your babies sense when you are tense. Your tension will only cause more tears.

Meet Needs First

Sometime you will need to decide who to comfort first. If you are sure that one of your babies is hungry or needs a fresh diaper, tending to those needs first may be all that is necessary for him to calm down. You can then explore what is causing your other baby to cry.

Go to the Least Fussy Baby

If both babies are fed and clean, picking up the least fussy baby makes sense. You may be able to pacify this baby quickly. The longer he cries, the more worked up he will get. It will then take you longer to calm him down.

It is rough to listen to your babies cry, but as long as their needs are met, it won’t hurt them. Accept that there will be unavoidable crying. Trying to soothe both at once is a recipe for failure. It will create tension and stress, and take longer to get both calmed down.

Get Help

Raising twins is hard. Accept that you will benefit from help. Find help where you can, whether it is a family member or someone you hire. Occasionally having an extra set of hands can do a lot to ease your stress levels.

Look into hiring a mother’s helper. Asking a neighbor or friend’s child to work as a mother’s helper can ease your stress considerably. A mother’s helper works under your supervision, and you would not leave her with the children unattended. Having someone else around to help soothe and manage your babies for a few hours, a few days a week, is beneficial for your mental health.

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