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9 Tips If Toddler’s Diaper Rash Won’t Go Away

Diaper rashes are very common with toddlers, and as their parent, it is up to you to help eliminate the rash from their body. The moment you notice a rash starting to appear on your child, it is important to take action immediately before it starts to worsen or causes an infection in the diaper area. If you are unaware of the many ways you can rid diaper rash on your toddler, you will appreciate the list of tips below with a brief description. Always remember, if one way doesn’t work, jump on to the next as you are sure to find one tip which will eliminate the rash.

Changing Diapers

Although it may not be the exact cause of the rash, sometimes changing your child’s diaper more often can eliminate it. In many cases, diaper rash is due to the specific area being wet for a long period. By changing your toddler’s diaper more often, you can keep the area as dry as possible between diaper changes to hopefully eliminate the severity of the rash.


After changing your toddler’s diaper, it is important to make sure the area is completely dry being putting the next diaper on. Doing so will eliminate the moisture in the area and help prevent a rash from occurring. If you leave the diaper area wet after wiping, chances are they will get a diaper rash rather quickly from all the moisture if you have to apply baby powder after the change for extra security of a dry area.

Diaper Cream

If you have tried multiple ways to keep your toddler from getting diaper rashes, maybe it is time to try out diaper rash cream. When you are choosing a cream, be sure to take into consideration whether or not your toddler has sensitive skin. Many creams have scents that can quickly irritate their skin and worsen their rash. When applying the diaper rash cream, be sure to lay it on thickly so no urine or feces can reach the area which is affected by the rash. Putting it on to thin will just collect bacteria and worsen the rash or lead to an infection.

Sensitive Wipes

The moment you notice your toddler has a diaper rash, it is important to go out and grab some sensitive wipes. The sensitive brands do not come with scents. Therefore, they will not worsen the rash upon contact. By using wipes with scents in them, you will risk the rash getting worse, which in return will inflict more pain on your child in the process.

Searching for the Problem

To begin treating your toddler’s diaper rash, find out what is causing the rash. If you avoid the process of figuring out the source of the problem, the rash will never go away and will become worse. Once you find out what is causing it, you can try and eliminate the problem, whether it is a specific food or lotion. Many toddlers have extremely sensitive skin, and something as simple as scented wipes or lotion could cause a severe diaper rash.

Naked Time

Every toddler loves to run around the house naked as it gives them a simple sense of freedom. Luckily for you, sometimes running around with no close or diaper on will help eliminate the rash. The area which is affected needs to remain dry to heal, and the fresh air will be a huge help to them. For toddlers who are potty training, be sure to offer them the bathroom multiple times while they are running around with no diaper on.

Bath Time

When a toddler has a diaper rash, they will experience pain or discomfort when hot water touches the area. To ensure your child is not uncomfortable during bath time, be sure to run the water a little cooler than usual. For added comfort, you can add a little oatmeal into the bath, which will provide relief for a short period.

Diaper Brands

Although you may try and save a dollar a two by purchasing a cheaper diaper brand, sometimes it does not fair well for a child. Toddlers with sensitive skin can get sever and fast reactions the first time they wear the diaper, and the area starts to become moist from urine. If you suspect your child’s diaper rash is from a specific brand of diapers, it is important to try out other brands immediately. Doing so will get them the instant relief they need with their diaper rash.

Diaper Size

It is important to keep an eye on how tight your toddler’s diaper is getting so you can purchase the appropriate size. If they are wearing a size that is too small, the diaper will graze across their skin, which in return will cause a rash. If you start to notice a rash around their waistline or on their inner thighs, chances are it may be time to go the next size up. To be sure about the situation, always make sure you can slide at least one finger between their waist and the diaper strap.

By using these tips to help treat your toddler’s diaper rash, you will ease their pain as well as eliminate their rash. No one wants to see the frustration and pain in a child’s eyes, especially when a simple fix is right around the corner. If these tips do not work and your child still has a rash, you may need to consult with their pediatrician. Their doctor will be able to better help you with what the cause is while providing them with some type of relief for the being, which is very important to their mental health.

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