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5 Tips If Your Toddler Won’t Wear a Jacket

toddler won't wear jacket

As toddlers get ready for fall, they do what they’re told. The parent has the job of making the child dress appropriately. Because of cold temperatures and wind, jackets are required.

1. Use the Flip Method

There is a trick to this that adds some excitement. It’s called the flip method, and parents can use it while putting on their kid’s jacket. It just takes lying it flat on a surface and sliding the arms in the sleeves and then flipping it up to get it on the rest of the body.

Most children will want to do whatever they want in this world. It is how they react around parents most often than not. The effort made by the parent for the jacket needs to be full. Even though the toddler places them away from control. The time you spend teaching the child to wear the jacket is worth it. They will complain and act like you don’t deserve any power.

This is because they already have things they are avoiding. Like not wanting to eat, sleep, or take medicine. They feel you already control their existence enough. Then when you add another rule, it goes down the path of the rest—just another problem to avoid like before. But if you let this rule slide, you’re not parenting well enough.

2. Make the Jacket a Magic Cape

To win at the jacket argument, you can also try changing it. Turn it into another kind, like putting on the magic cape. Then they can be a superhero who saves people. It is a good way to get the jacket on.

Then you can tell them their job is to save them. It’s at the grocery store, and they need help from starving. This is good at lightening up the tone of it. It is then a fun thing to do for the two of you instead. The idea of a cape is something they’ll like. Just let the time go for awhile having fun. They will be more likely to relax and know that they’re playing.

3. Make a Cold Weather Dress-Up Area

Since the day seems already full of tasks for your child, adding some fun helps. Make a cold-weather dressing area for your child. It can be located by the door, and have items for encouragement.

It may include a mirror, a drawer, and a stand for placing them on. You can then add sweaters and jackets on them. Or something like cat ear headbands to add fun. It is where the entry is so you can be sure they’ll see it.

The everyday routine gets a little extra attention. It makes them happy about getting to the front door in the first place. When the new school year starts, they have to be ready. Fall is the time, and there is going to need a jacket. This is the same when they have new activities also.

4. Try a Cloak or Poncho

Try a cloak or poncho to get them more excited about wearing a jacket. Sometimes toddlers may feel like their jacket is scratchy. Or the material is a little too heavy than they want. Get the child a cloak or poncho, and you may achieve success. It is not easy to adjust when the seasons change. This is how to keep the child warm and do it differently. All-day, the problem of warmth is done.

Just by adding a poncho which repels rain very well. It is designed for it and will be the best choice in the rain. Making the change gives them more protection—something you can say to others when discussing it. Adding an animal hood and tail may just help also. You don’t just need to let the weather take over all the time.

5. Let Them Carry Their Jacket

Just by offering to let them carry their jacket, it may work. It is easy, and they will get to walk around doing it. Then eventually, they can put it on if they want. They can put it in their backpack and have it for a later time. This gives them some control over the situation. You may feel less like your being to hard on them. It makes them happy to know it will be there. Then they can enjoy there day for the whole thing.

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