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10 Tips If Toddler Won’t Stay in Bed for Nap

toddler sleeping on floor

Sibling Celebration

Putting your toddler in bed to sleep could be challenging, but having a sibling older than the toddler raises the simulation quotient. They would love to play and have fun every time. If the elder sibling intends to keep the toddler awake, just separate them for a pre-nap. By doing this, the toddler will fall asleep easily without having the craving to play. The strategy can also be useful if your toddler is an instigator.

Using Same Sleep Space

To give your toddler the most restful sleep, you need to put him/her sleep away from distractions. Most parents let their toddlers sleep anywhere, like in front of the TV and even in the car. In such instances, various distractions would make your toddler not to sleep. Ensure that your toddler sleeps in the same space during day and night. The toddler will maintain consistency in sleeping when you do so. For instance, putting your toddler to sleep on the crib every time makes him/her not to be confused. When he/she sees the crib, then that’s sleep time. Putting your toddler to sleep in the same space consistently reduces the chances that he/she will fight to nap.

Make Your Toddler Active in the Mornings

Keeping your toddler engaged in the morning increases the possibility that he/she will need to sleep in the afternoon. If you find that your toddler does not want to nap in mid-day, ensure that he/she gets energy out early during the day. Engage your toddler with activities like tumbling and other physical movements during the morning, thereby making them need to rest. As a parent, you need to understand your toddler and be patient. Always ensure that your toddler gets a consistent nap for them to lead a healthier life.

Practice Quiet Time

At times when your toddler grows older, he/she becomes aware of his/her independence, and they may need to assert themselves. Always make a stand regarding napping time to show your toddler his/her autonomy. Instead of forcing your toddler to sleep, tell him/her that it is time to keep quiet so that he/she can relax alone in the room. Such an exercise will make your toddler nap easily without perceiving it as a punishment. Your toddler might be tired but cannot easily sleep off; therefore, you need to find a way to make him/her nap.

Keep Your Toddler in the Top

Your toddler might not be speaking too much, but he/she does and would want to control it. As a parent, keep in mind that the toddler needs to test their limits in their newly discovered independence and how much they would need to control it. As a loving parent, you need to communicate your expectations to your toddler. You should let your toddler be aware of what decisions they should make each day. Through such an option, your toddler will have an opportunity to choose what is best for him/her before taking a nap. Always give your toddler a warning, which is fair after times like lunch. Through such, you will have time to tell your toddler a story that can stimulate napping.

Commit Yourself to Get Your Toddler Sleep

Most often, your toddler will keep on fighting to nap as schedule issues cause it. You, therefore, need to respond to your toddler’s sleep schedule. Through such a process, your toddler can learn to accept taking asleep every day due to determination and consistency. You should always ensure that your toddler gets restorative time every day.

Pre-nap Calming Routine

Toddlers still require transitional time to form action-packed to rest time. Always ensure that you create a calming routine for your toddler daily. Engaging your toddler in calming practice daily, like doing the same activities at the same time, daily aids your toddler in relaxing and fall asleep quickly. As such, you need to do a reduced time version of your bedtime routine. Such familiarity will assist you in understanding the time to sleep.

Restrict screen and sugar time

As a parent, you have a decision to make as a parent to give your toddler screen or sugar time. However, it has been proven that your toddler efficiently inhibits the ability to take a nap and sleep well. When giving your toddler much sugar, it subjects him/her to worsened napping.
As a parent, when you do not share your toddler time for screen time and the chance to have an exercise in every morning, you set a ground for your toddler to be able to wind down and relax and accept time to take a nap daily. If your toddler burns up a lot of energy and cannot have an external stimulant to keep him/her feel connected. However, such will not be permanent; just commit a few weeks like three to get your toddler to sleep by reducing screen and sugar time and improve his/her drive time.

Burn off Energy Before Sleeping Time

In most cases, toddlers have enough energy. The implication here is that your toddler needs to be engaged before getting asleep during daytime; hence you need to engage your toddler to spend a lot of energy in the morning hours. Always ensure that your toddler visits the playground and have a toddler activity before taking a nap. Let your toddler enjoy natural light, run, and have fresh air every day. Even if it is during the rainy season, you need to schedule a playdate for your kid. Just dedicate an hour every morning to exercise, and such you will help your toddler to fight napping less time.

Daycare Distress

In case you place your toddler in daycare, it can be challenging for him/her to sleep in a new environment. Due to such, for your kid, sleep always finds a comfortable spot where he/she can rest easily. Therefore you need to let your caregiver home nap your toddler before going to the daycare.

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