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10 Tips If Your Toddler Won’t Say Thank You

toddler protesting the word thank you

In this article, I will show you how to have your toddler say thank you more often in a very short period. Being that I have kids of my own, I know how hard it can be to have them start using manners.

I understand how frustrating it can be when you have tried everything, and nothing is working. Then your toddler just won’t say thank you no matter what you try to do. Well, on this list, I will give you a few tips that will help you to teach your toddler manners more easily. I have personally used every one of these methods and can vouch for their usefulness.

1. Adopt saying it yourself.

A simple solution but sometimes even the most proper of us will forget to say thank you when someone does something nice for us. A simple way to teach your toddler to say it more often is to say it ourselves every time we get the chance. With the help of a friend or partner, you can even make up scenarios, so thank you is being said more often. Saying it every time will show your toddler the right way to use it in their speech.

2. Ask your toddler to say it.

What I am talking about is when you do something for them, just simply ask them to say thank you. You hand them a toy and say, “Say thank you.” this will slowly help to say thank you reflexively. You can even inflate how often this happens by just handing them random toys and having them say thank you. With this method saying thank you will come to them far more naturally than most other methods.

3. Help your toddler to understand the word.

Maybe the problem here isn’t them not wanting to say thank you. Maybe they don’t fully understand what the words mean. There are many ways to help them understand what thank you means, but some of the best would be comparing it to something they understand. For instance, having them associate thank you with lovingness and being happy when you give them something. Using such a method will have them seamlessly transition into using thank you all the time.

4. Ask your toddler to say “thank you” in public.

Having them say thank you more in public can be an enormous help in their transition to saying thank you all the time. One way to get them to start would be to make sure they say thank you to the waiter or waitress before they get their food. By withholding their food for a moment, it will click that they always have to say thank you for getting their food. When they realize they have to say thank you every time, then they will say it out of reflex. Another easy way to start doing it in public would be to have them say thank you anytime, someone, holds a door for them. Doing this will help them practical applications of saying thank you as well.

5. Ask your toddler if he/she said “thank you” today.

Sometimes your toddler is just forgetful and not meaning to be rude, so what you can do is ask them if they said thank you. You can try using doing said method every day when your toddler gets home from school or daycare. It’s as simple as asking them, “Did you say thank you to your teacher today?” or, “Did you say thank you to any of your daycare friends?”. Doing so will have your toddler looking for any opportunity to say thank you to someone else.

6. Have your toddler repeat someone else saying it.

An easy way for them to start saying thank you more often would be to offer them even more opportunities to say it. What I am talking about is having them say, “No, thank you.” Having your toddler start responding in such a manner will have them saying thank you even more. I highly recommend using said method due to it making your toddler even more respectful in the eyes of the public.

7. Use a star chart.

A star chart usually has a task that needs to be accomplished so that your toddler learns a “star” for the day. You can use a star chart for a million different tasks, but for the list here, I would recommend using it as a just a confirmation that they said thank you for that day to someone. Doing so will allow you even to see progress over weeks or even months.

8. Have your toddler say thank you for random tasks.

Having your toddler say thank you for random small tasks that you are doing for them will have them using it far more often. Your just saying thank you for cooking them dinner or you helping them pick up their toys. When it is in their daily life, it will be far more second nature to them.

9. Rewards for saying thank you.

Getting them to say thank you with no reward might be a difficult task, but if it is something that has to be done. A way to do so is by starting with them receiving some sort of reward for saying thank you. Now it doesn’t have to be an enormous reward; you could give them candy, but I would recommend a healthy treat like fruit snacks.

10. Make a thankful song.

A unique way of showing them to say thank you would be to have them sing a song based all around thanks and being thankful. It doesn’t have to be something fancy you could write it yourself, or you could look for one on YouTube. A method such as this is a bit of an odd one, but maybe it will stick with your toddler.

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