Toddler Won’t Nap at Daycare

Dealing with toddlers might be a very challenging task. Some toddlers will give the daycare providers a tough time getting them to nap; this is if the daycare providers do not know how to make the toddlers sleep.

Toddlers react differently as well as responding differently to some things. This is the case when it comes to napping.

Some toddlers take a short time to get a nap while others take a long time; some toddlers nap for a very short time while others nap for a long time.

This is the challenge that daycare providers go through, giving them a hard time at work. However, some tips can be useful in making sure that a toddler will nap very well at daycare.

The tips are discussed below. How to get a toddler to nap at daycare.

Waking up

The time that your toddler wakes up will determine the chances of the toddler to nap at daycare. This is the same as how the toddler slept during the night.

If the toddler slept very early and woke up late, the toddler’s chances will find it difficult to nap at daycare. If you want your toddler to nap well at daycare, then make sure that he wakes up before 9 in the morning.

By waking before 9 a.m means that the toddler is not satisfied and will compensate during daycare. A parent can help daycare providers by making sure that the kid sleeps early so that the kid wakes up early in the morning.

Consequently, the kid will sleep at the daycare since he woke up early in the morning.

Understanding the toddler’s routine

Toddlers have different times for napping. Some nap at intervals. This means that the toddler will nap for thirty minutes, then wake up, after which he naps again after a short while, whereas toddlers nap once. This calls for the understanding of the toddler’s nap routine or time.

This will make the toddler nap well at daycare without inconveniences. It is good for the daycare providers to talk to the parents and get to know at what time the toddlers sleep during the day time.

This will help the daycare providers have a smooth time with the toddlers at the daycare.

Providing sleeping aids

Some toddlers find it very difficult to nap during the daytime, giving the daycare provider a very hard time.

Some may even feel sleepy but find it difficult to sleep. The only way to help such toddlers is by providing them with some comfortable sleeping aids like lullabies, cuskis, or dummies, among others.

This will help the toddler fall asleep within a short while because of the comfort being provided.

Lullabies are the most common and used forms of aiding toddlers to nap during the daytime; hence this will be of great importance.

A comforting touch will aid the toddler to nap. This is mostly done while singing the lullabies at a low tone so that the toddler will nap in a very comfortable way.

Using a white noise machine will help in making some toddlers nap. This will calm the toddler and listen to the machine quietly, and eventually, the toddler will fall asleep.

Some of the toddlers will need attachment objects like teddy bears for them to nap, and therefore, it is good if daycare providers provide toddlers with attachment objects to aid the toddlers to fall asleep.

Conducive environment

The environment is one of the basic factors in helping a toddler to sleep the same way adults behave and react differently to some events. Then the same applies to toddlers.

Not all environments are conducive for the toddlers to nap. Toddlers will nap in different ways in different environments settings.

For instance, some toddlers will nap only if there is noise or not, while others will nap only in a noise-free environment. This then means toddlers should be napped in on environments that suit their needs.

Some toddlers will sleep in a dark place, and therefore this toddler should be placed in a dark place where there is no light coming through as the light will disturb the toddler. This toddler should be placed far away from the window.

Make the toddler active at the daycare

If the toddler is not active, possibilities are that the toddler will find it difficult to nap. If the toddler is very active, meaning that he plays, possibilities are that the toddler will not struggle when it comes to napping.

Daycare providers should make sure that toddlers are very active either in the classrooms or in the fields, as this will help the toddlers when the time for napping comes.

When the toddler is active he will be tired, and this will make the toddler nap without any struggle. A tired toddler will nap even without any comfort object or lullaby.

Putting the toddler with the right age group

A 1-year-old toddler cannot be kept in the same group with toddlers of 4 years.

These kids have different napping requirements, and mixing them will make some kids have a difficult time when napping.

Some nap for a long time while others for a short time; hence there will be some disruptions. As a result, a kid should be kept with his age group to avoid inconveniences.


Getting toddlers to nap is a challenging task for daycare providers, especially if they do not understand the toddlers’ napping requirements.

Making a toddler to sleep might be a learning process for the daycare providers as the kids are different from each other. This calls for some training to the daycare providers on how to aid the toddlers to nap.

If there is no training or a better understanding of the toddlers, then the daycare givers will have a rough time. However, the daycare providers can have a smooth time with the toddlers if they observe the aiding measures.