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My Toddler Won’t Keep Glasses On!

First of all, do toddlers need glasses? It can sometimes be tricky, but you also have to remember how good are. As a parent, ask them some questions which might bring out the cause of the issue. Sometimes the issue might come from the child having problems when having the glasses on. The lenses might also be causing extra blurry vison to the toddler. Many eye problems, but most parents are not able to recognize them, and it causes your toddler to need glasses. It might go the extra mile for your child to have surgery or even blindness. Some of these are gotten from birth. Some see color in their vision, black and white blurriness in their eyes.

Notwithstanding all these problems, glasses help children to develop a better and healthy vision as they keep on growing. It is advisable to have toddler’s eyes in regular checking every six months or even year old. In some cases, when they are grown, they will need the glasses, and it has to fit correctly. All these and some other measures are for proper diagnosis. Below are some tips to help your toddler put on their glasses.

Problems with the glasses

Check if the issue comes from the glasses, sometimes the glasses do not fit. They might not be comfortable with the kind of glasses their parents are purchasing all the time. Some lenses hurt or irritate when it has been put on. Some glasses make your child contracts short eye sightedness or long-sightedness. Moreover, some lenses have frames that make wearing them very comfortable. They cover the nose area and eyes very well. Try to convince them by bringing some funny characters. Toys wearing glasses are the best character to please your toddlers. Parents should make sure they purchase the right lenses with the right frames, which will fit your child perfectly.

Benefits of having the glasses on

Ideally, you have to let your toddler know the importance of having glasses on. Let them know it improves their vision, which will prevent them from harm in the future. Try to interrogate your toddler with some entertaining activities and involve yourself. Ensuring their glasses is on as you have fun with them. Each time the lenses pop off, put it back on immediately, and start distracting them with the fun activities. Use stickers and timer and start short times, 60 seconds, for example. Use those times, and if they can wear their glasses up to the time limit, then you reward them. Make it a kind of habit your daily routine to encourage them to put the glasses on. Also, parents should praise their toddlers for putting their glasses on without been told. It will serve as a big reward for them.

Use elastic bands

Parents have to use an elastic band to help hold the glasses behind the head of your toddler. They have to always keep an eye on them to make sure their toddler will not take them off. It is the best choice to tell your child how special they are. Parents can also take pictures of their children and let them know how cute they are when they are in their glasses. The image has to be in the family album. Parents have to remember and be consistent whenever their toddler take off their glasses and put them on in a short time.

The prescription of the lenses may be incorrect

Many children complain about their glasses when they cannot see them correctly. Most of the time, these are results of improper prescriptions of the glasses. Your child will have to see an optician or eye doctor for another proper order. By doing so, it will help the doctor to determine the correct or accurate optical order.

Make it as part of their daily routine

As the saying goes, “practice makes a man perfect.” Putting the glasses on should be courageous by parents as part of their daily habits. It should be put on in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Even when dressing, and tell them they look cheerful in the glasses. Wherever they found themselves at, in the school or church, the lenses should be on. The glasses should be taken off the night before they go to bed. I know getting them to wear the glasses sometimes is difficult. With some time and little patience, they will get us to it, and it will become their daily routine

Keep the glasses safe and clean

Parents have to make sure their toddler’s glasses are kept under a very hygienic condition. In other words, parents have to teach them how to take excellent care of the lenses. Parents should check the warranty on the glasses. A better warranty will cover all damages or repairs where necessary. The glasses cost a lot, so they have to be in remembrance of the safety measures of keeping their glasses safe. They have to show how to make a cleaning solution which is made to clean eyeglasses. Microfibers cloth for cleaning the lenses of glasses should be part of the education. They should also be knowing the fragileness of the glasses, and it should be kept gently. Parents should show them how to remove the glasses with both hands to prevent them from becoming out of shape or becoming bent.

Let them choose their desired pair

As children start growing, then become more independent and develop the habit of preferences. Parents should allow them to pick out their best choice of color and style of glasses. They will be of much interest in what they have chosen and will wear them. Moreover, they will be taking excellent care of them to lose them or cause damages to them. Children feel prouder about their own decision.

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