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Toddler Won’t Keep Diaper on at Night?

toddler won't wear diaper at night

Toddlers are precious beings in the lives of their parents. A parent enjoys the company of their kids. Often, you will find a mother playing and talking to the toddlers though sometimes they may not even comprehend what they are talking about. Nevertheless, toddlers are occasionally troubling. They will not want to do anything, to sit, to sleep, or even to spend a minute in your laps. Much more is when they cannot stay with the diapers for an hour or two at night. Imagine waking up at night every two hours to change or fix back their diapers- it is very irritating. Stripping down and ditching their diaper normally annoys the parents or the baby sitters and thus the need to find a solution. As a disgruntled parent, you are obliged to use harmless tactics to keep your toddler safe with the diapers.

Use a more absorbent diaper.

When your toddler starts getting older, he realizes that he is uncomfortable at some point. Thus, taking off their diaper for them to be free. Taking off a diaper during the middle of the night may be a sign your toddler has recognized peeing on the diapers is not useful anymore. You realize once they take off the diapers, they later pee. To overcome the challenge, parents should consider using diapers, which could easily absorb the waste and leave the child somehow comfortable. Failure to use such diapers, your toddler will feel uncomfortable and disturb at night. Furthermore, you can teach your toddler how to communicate to you once they are not comfortable with the diapers.

Use a zipped diaper.

The use of an inner and an outer diaper may seem too much to ask, but anyway, raising a toddler is equally expensive. Some toddlers will remove diapers a few minutes before they fall asleep. In the meantime, they remove the diapers not because they don’t need them but just as an activity before they finally get to fall asleep. A solution will be to add a zipped diaper, which will make the child busy before he finally gets asleep. Through the use of such diapers, you will be safe because, by the time he unzips the first diaper, he will be completely asleep.

Teach the toddler to dress back.

At 15 months old, your toddler can remove all his clothes since it is a simple activity. Most toddlers are not taught how to remove the clothes; they learn by themselves. Teaching them how to put on clothes will not be hard, and neither is the diapers. Once they learn the process, they will no longer be a bother to you because they will remove and put on without disturbing you. However, your child needs to be disciplined to be able to be responsible.

Change the mentality of the toddler.

Your child may be putting off the diapers to annoy you, or when you have angered him. As a parent, you should not use force to put the diapers back. Instead, begin to teach them why they need diapers. Talk to them how safe and protected they are when the diapers are on instead when they have not put on. You will realize a change of mentality is all your child needs to stay with the diapers for a whole night. Sometimes you can even put on their diapers as you engage them in friendly conversations such as how you will buy ice-cream for them. Once they are sure you have nothing to emphasize about the diapers, they will feel no need to bother about it.

In other instances, try and time them and get them to remove the diapers. Make her say that she needed her diapers changed. A repetition of the process will make her realize that there is an order in everything she is doing. Congratulate her once she succeeds in doing so.

Avoid reacting big towards the issue.

Toddlers will continue engaging in activities when they realize how you react big. Every time they are sleeping, and they need your attention, they will remove their diapers.
As a parent, you have to take several measures once they remove their diapers. First, calmly tell them clothes need to stay on. Second, have him put his clothes all by himself as you watch. By doing so, you are teaching her on the natural consequences of her actions. Further, you show her using predetermined phrases once she wants her diapers off. Remember to give her the reason why other kids are not on diapers, and why her alone. Let her know by putting on a diaper you are caring for her.

Nonetheless, your toddler may continue to have struggled to keep her clothes on. She might not be able to learn how to tell you before she has to go to the bathroom. You can consider starting a scheduled approach where you put on her diapers when she is almost asleep. By so doing, you minimize the chances of her practicing bad habits.


As annoying as it is to put on diapers to a toddler, a parent should be calm. Parents should understand it is sometimes a stage in a child’s development and sometimes changes with time. Understanding why your toddler removes the diaper is a step close to getting a solution. Using the discussed measures, be sure to get some definite improvements on your child. It is good to note different kids remove diapers for a different reason. It will be wrong for a parent to relate what her child is going through with those of her neighbors.

However, all the above measures may not fit to correct the situation of your child. Thus, consider visiting a health expert as you patiently persist in your attempts.
And again, you may use diaper substitutes such as the sleep sacks, pajamas or the sleepwear which are hard for the toddlers to remove

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