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12 Reasons Toddler Woke Up With One Swollen Eye

1. Chalazion

This is a condition that causes localized swelling of the eyelid. It occurs when one of the tarsal glands in the eye of your toddler is blocked, which leads to the formation of a cyst in the eye. A chalazion may impair the vision of your toddler; however, it rarely hurts. Additionally, a chalazion can make your toddler grow a bump in the eye. If the bump does not disappear after few days, then you need to take your toddler for a medical checkup because it could be an infection; for instance, fever thereby, you need to take your baby to an eye doctor.

2. Exhaustion

When your baby is fatigued, his/her eyelids are most likely to be puffy and swollen. Other conditions that lead to the swelling of the eye is water retention in the eye overnight. Such a condition can make the eye to be swollen in the morning, especially if your toddler did not sleep well at night.

You can help your toddler with such a problem by applying cold compress while he/she is lying with the head raised on a pillow. You can also give your baby a glass of water to drink as it will reduce swelling and water retention.

3. Stye

A stye is a condition that includes infection of the gland of the eyelid. Stye affects tear glands, which are located at the base of the eyelashes. It can occur in the eyelid following the infection of oil glands.

Stye commences with symptoms like painful and itchy swollen lumps in the eye of your baby. Over days stye turns to resemble a pimple. The condition affects one oil gland, and it does not require any treatment. However, your toddler could be experiencing some pain in the eye, apply warm compresses to reduce the pain.

4. Crying

Your toddler is subject to crying on most occasions. Crying causes rapture of the tiny blood vessels in the eyes, especially when the crying is forceful. Letting your toddler cry for long hours could result in the retention of fluid in the eyelids. The fluid retention is out of the increased blood flow to the eyes. In such a condition, ensure that you allow your toddler to have a rest, give him/her water to drink, cool compresses, and elevate his/her head in a pillow. Further, when crying, your toddler could be scrubbing his/her eyes, thus leading to the swelling.

5. Allergies

If your toddler has swollen eyelid accompanied by watery eyes and itching, the cause of such a condition could be an allergic reaction. Allergy could be a result of pollen and dust, which causes irritation in the eyes hence triggering allergic reactions. The condition is not dangerous, but it can be annoying to your toddler.

To avoid the condition in your toddler, you can give him/her antihistamines and other over the counter medications like eye drops, which are essential in reducing the dryness and the itchiness. Moreover, you should take your toddler to an eye doctor for testing and treatment prescriptions.

6. Blocked Tear Duct

Your toddler could be having a blocked tear duct; therefore, his/her eyes do not drain tears fully, resulting in redness and pain in the eyelid. Your toddler can experience crusty drainage if his/her eyelids are blocked. His/her eyes remain sealed upon waking up.

Apply warm compresses to ease the swelling and help the tear duct to drain properly. Massage the eyelids of your baby gently to reduce the pressure and drain the duct. Do not leave your baby in such a condition for long as it may become infected. Take your baby for medication as soon as you discover the condition.

7. Ocular Herpes

The condition refers to herpes infection around and in the eyes. The condition is common in children; however, anyone can develop ocular herpes. You need to take your baby to an eye doctor for a diagnosis.

8. Conjunctivitis

The condition refers to the inflammation of the conjunctiva, which a membrane that covers the sclera of the eye. It also covers the underside of the eyelids. The condition can be caused by sensitivities and allergies or by infection of the eye. The signs of the condition include mild soreness and grittiness. Conjunctivitis makes the eyelids little red and puffy because the infection spreads into the eyelid.

9. Sinusitis

A viral or bacterial infection causes this. Allergies can also cause it. The condition affects the sinuses located beneath the eye, and it causes the eyes of your toddler to be puffy.

10. Grave’s Disease

The condition is an endocrine disorder that leads to an overactive thyroid. The conditions make the thyroid releases cells mistakenly to fight against nonexistent infection in your toddler’s eye. The antibodies released by the thyroids leads to inflammation and swelling in the eye. Once you notice such a condition in your baby, take him/her for diagnosis and medication.

11. Orbital Cellulitis

The condition is an infection in the tissue of the eyelid. It spreads easily and quickly. The infection is painful for your toddler. Ensure that your toddler is safe from cuts as they can induce bacteria, which triggers orbital cellulitis. The condition requires antibiotic treatment; therefore, you have to take your toddler for medication.

12. Blepharitis

It could be that your toddler has more bacteria around and in his eyelids. Such a condition is known as blepharitis. Your toddler might be having oily eyelids around his/her eyelashes. The condition leads to the inflammation of the eyelids and causes pain.

Blepharitis tends to be chronic and has no cure. Its symptoms can get better then worse. However, as a parent, you do not need to be worried about the condition. Take your time to apply warm compresses on your baby’s eyelids. You can also scrub the eyelids of your toddler gently to ease the pain. If the condition persists, you can take your baby to an optometrist who will prescribe some antibiotic ointment that could help ease the condition.

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