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8 Tips for Toddlers Who Love to Dance, Spin, and Climb

baby loves to dance and spin

My toddler loves dancing, spinning, and climbing!

Many toddlers are very active throughout the day. In fact, toddlers just love to dance, spin, and climb. If you have an active toddler like this, you probably find your little one jumping off of the couch in the living room or climbing the bookshelf in his room. The good news is that there are eight tips you can try if your toddler just can’t stop dancing, spinning, and climbing.

1. Take a Dance Class

Many dance studios start offering classes to children as young as two years old. There are pre-ballet and pre-tap classes that your toddler can take.

These dance classes typically focus on basic dance positions, posture, jumping, skipping, and twirling. These classes are generally offered once or twice a week and will allow your toddler to spin and dance with other friends who like the same activities.

The dance instructors will make sure your toddler is moving in a safe way that will not cause injuries. Your toddler may even get to participate in a dance recital, which is an extra perk.

2. Take a Gymnastics Class

There is no better place to take a child who loves to spin and climb than a gymnastics class. These are safe spaces for your child to run, jump, and climb because there are soft mats on the floor just in case your child falls.

Gymnastics classes usually start with lots of stretching exercises and then move to jumping on trampolines and flipping over bars. Your toddler will learn how to perform these maneuvers safely to avoid injuries. Some gymnastics schools even offer classes for parents and children together.

With so many ropes to climb, bars to flip over, and balance beams to try, you can’t go wrong with gymnastics classes.

3. Join a Soccer Team

Toddlers can join soccer teams where they will get a chance to be active on the soccer field. As they chase the soccer ball and try to score a goal, they get to run and jump. They practice spinning to take the ball from the opponent or to fake out the other team.

Toddlers have to learn to kick the ball and use their legs to move the ball down the field. They will get plenty of exercise and movement while practicing and playing in games each week. An added bonus of playing soccer is that your toddler gets to learn to work as a part of a team and can engage in physical activities with other kids his own age.

4. Make a Schedule

If your toddler is dancing, spinning, and climbing at times that are not appropriate, one idea to try is to create a schedule with a set time each day for your child to dance, spin, and climb. For example, your child may feel calmer throughout the day if he knows that every day at 5:00 he will get a chance to get his energy out in an appropriate way.

For example, you might explain to your child that if he can go all day without bouncing around the house, you will take him to the park for an hour to climb on the monkey bars. Many toddlers also enjoy having a schedule for activity time because it gives them something to look forward to all day. Just be sure to choose a park or outdoor area that has plenty of different types of playground equipment to keep your toddler busy climbing, running, swinging, and jumping.

5. Buy a Trampoline

There is one item that you can add to your backyard that is sure to keep your child bouncing from hours, and that item is a trampoline. A trampoline is the perfect outdoor activity for a bouncy child. Your toddler can learn to perform jumps, kicks, flips, and twirls on a trampoline while you watch. If you are concerned about safety, you can also purchase a safety net to go around the trampoline to ensure your toddler doesn’t fall off. Safety mats can also be purchased to cover the springs around the sides.

6. Childproof the House

Another tip is that you definitely want to childproof the house to make it as safe as possible if you have a toddler who is constantly on the move. Some examples of this include putting soft bumpers on hard edges such as the edge of a fireplace, adding a gate to stop toddlers from going up or downstairs in the house, and attaching furniture to the wall that might topple over on a child if the child pulled on it. The trick is to find any areas of the home that might be hazardous to a particularly active toddler and find ways to make those areas of the home safer.

7. Encourage the Movement

It is important to encourage a toddler who is a natural dancer, spinner, or climber. These are all excellent qualities to have because they ensure a toddler is active and getting exercise. If you encourage these natural skills and abilities in your toddler, your toddler may choose to use these skills in a positive way in the future. Just imagine that your toddler becomes a future dancer or rock climber. It is important to remember that your toddler is figuring out the world around him and learning what he likes and what he’s good at in life. Encourage this to help your child explore who he is and his strengths.

8. Discuss Safety

As you encourage your toddler to be active, it is also important to discuss safety with your little one in child-friendly terms. For example, take the time to teach your toddler not to dance in the kitchen where he might bump into the hot stove or teach your toddler not to climb on the fireplace because the fire could burn him. In addition, it is important to explain to toddlers that there are times that it isn’t appropriate to dance or climb such as when you visit someone else’s home or when it is time to go to bed at night.

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