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5 Reasons Your Toddler Loves the Vacuum

    Toddlers seem to love a lot of strange things we adults do. New parents spend hundreds of dollars on toys for their kids to find out they would rather play with the vacuum. Below are some reasons why your toddler might like the vacuum so much.

    1. The Vacuum Is Big

    Toddlers love to climb and go on adventures. When they look up at your tall vacuum, they do not see a cleaning appliance; they see Mount Everest. Vacuums have tons of gadgets and cords and buttons to push. This is exciting for kids because they see all types of new things they have not yet discovered. Each part of the vacuum is a new toy they have never seen before. Some people question why a toddler would rather play with the vacuum than the colorful toys they have in their room. Sometimes it isn’t all about colorful, loud toys; it is about something off-limits. The vacuum isn’t necessarily off-limits, but it is not a toy that is in their room that was bought for them to play with. This is what makes the vacuum interesting to them.

    2. The Vacuum Is Loud

    Another reason why your toddler may be so fascinated with your vacuum is that it is so loud. Kids love to make noise and make as much noise as they possibly can. Loud sounds are stimulating to them, and repeated loud sounds can be fun to them. When you turn your vacuum on, it can be exciting to them. A lot of toddlers like to run or chase the vacuum as a game in the house. They see it as a giant monster they are trying to run from. Other days they may try to chase you or attack the vacuum pretending to be a superhero. These are all completely normal reactions to vacuum cleaners for toddlers and small children. Next time you start the vacuum up, encourage your toddler to play. This is a great way to have fun with your kid and get the house clean at the same time.

    3. The Vacuum Is Soothing

    Some parents find that when they are vacuuming the house that their toddlers may sit on the couch and watch. They do not show fear but more of a feeling of relaxation. Continuous loud noises can be very soothing to your toddler and may even make them sleepy. Especially if it is near nap time, they may lie down and fall asleep to the sound of the vacuum cleaner running. It is strange how kids can fall asleep to loud noises. Have you ever noticed kids sleeping during car rides or out at a restaurant? It seems like anything that resembles a white noise can soothe your child, whether they are fussy or sleepy. Next time your child seems to get fussy, turn on the vacuum cleaner, and you will notice them settle down and get quiet. They may even fall asleep if they are tired enough.

    4. Something Your Toddler Can Control

    Many psychiatrists have studied toddlers and their behaviors. Psychiatrists have researched and studied why kids become obsessed with certain objects around the house, and they have found that a lot of the time, toddlers become obsessed with an object is because it soothes them. Tantrums are very common when a baby becomes a toddler, and finding something around the house that makes them happy is a normal way for a toddler to feel in control. Toddlers use this technique to soothe themselves and find something that brings them comfort. There is no specific reason why they choose certain objects around the house. Usually, they just find a specific toy or object in the house that fancies their interest. It is not abnormal for toddlers to become fascinated with something that is not child friendly. As said before, children are usually attracted to things they are not supposed to play with. Always make sure that their new obsession is something that can not hurt them. For big objects such as the vacuum cleaner, always make sure that you are supervising them while they are checking it out. There is nothing wrong with your toddler loving the vacuum. Just be cautious because it can be dangerous if they are alone with the vacuum.

    5. Your Toddler Might Be Mimicking You

    A toddler’s mind is like a sponge, so when they see you doing something, naturally, they want to do the same. Toddlers pick up on everything you do: the good, the bad, and the ugly. When your toddler sees you vacuuming up their room, they may want to do it as well. They see this as an opportunity to be just like you. You are their biggest role model, and they want to grow up to be just like you in any way they can. Yes! That means even how you tidy your home. If you vacuum every day and show them that this is important, it should be no surprise that they want to vacuum as well. Not only do they want to copy you and be like you, but toddlers also love praise. When you praise your child, they have a sense of accomplishment, and that makes them feel good inside. Encourage your toddler to play with the vacuum because you might see it as playing, but they may be trying to learn how to use it. Soon you will have a little helper around the house to assist with cleaning.

    Children always are developing new interests around the house, and sometimes they can be strange things that we have a hard time understanding. Take note of what your child is interested in, and you might find that they are looking up to you. Also, kids love to touch and play with things they aren’t supposed to. Find out which it may be and help them learn.

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