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8 Tips If Your Toddler Is Very Active

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Having an active toddler is the joy of every parent or a caregiver. You will feel good when you ask them to pass you a remote, and they quickly do it. An active toddler wants to be free to move, every single minute. Sometime toddlers will be super busy. At one point, they will be on top of the shelve, jumping on the bed, sitting on your stretched legs, and so on. As a parent, it can turn from being happy to annoying. Controlling a too active toddler must be very difficult.

Furthermore, they risk the chances of being involved in simple accidents. They will fall from the chair, hit a table as they run and, they might mess up with your kitchen. Having such a child needs to device a mechanism to contain her or else you risk being in a big mess.

Assign an assignment.

Toddlers may be too active because they do not have anything else to do. They will, therefore, run a little and realize it is not what they want. They will adjust to taking the books from the shelf, then to beating up a drum, to watch as they shout, and so on. The best way to have them settled is to give them the assignment to do. The work will keep them busy as they concentrate on doing a specific task. For instance, you can tell them to collect some pebbles from the ground or to arrange their clothes.

Allow getting enough sleep.

Some toddlers will disturb you the whole day by moving up and down because they never got enough sleep. Children should spend more time on bed than adults. Once your child becomes the type of a kid who wakes you up at 6 am, then you have trouble. To keep him less active during the day; therefore, you must let her sleep until you are convinced it is enough.

Furthermore, your toddler should get 2-3 naps a day. By so doing, you limit their movements and get enough time to work out some other chores. To others, they are hypersensitive to noise and other stimuli. You should handle them by putting them in less disturbed areas.

Find out what tires a toddler most.

Toddlers will fall asleep or stay less inactive after a long day of doing what they love most. It takes a few days or hours to understand the activity your child loves to do most. Once you identify it, get them doing it over and over again. Let him know you like what he does. They will, therefore, spend most of the time doing a specific assignment. It will reduce their movements and small fatalities in the house. Moreover, you will find peace of mind and ample time to complete your chores.

Have a friendly pet.

Different children will have a love for different pets. The pets will also need some company, and as such, your child will be there for them. If your child loves birds, get a dove or a pigeon for him. He will spend the day feeding the pet and enjoying its company. A dog will even work better because your child will spend the day chasing the dog and vice-versa. At some point, you will find your toddler speaking to the dog. As he spends most of the time working on a single assignment, he will learn to minimize his movements.

Feed him less sugary foods.

Sugary food is known for its high production of energy. Too much sugary food will produce too much energy, which your toddler does not require. The excessive energy will see your child too active as a form of getting rid of it. Feeding your child with much food is not healthy either. The right proportion, let’s say, a quarter of an adult’s meal is okay for the child.

Encourage private play.

It is normal for a child to play. Teaching them to play alone or silently is another step. You can have your child not to depend on other people to play. Teach them to play from their rooms or in the tale room. Playing may involve computer games, arranging sticks in a certain order, and so on. Having the toddler in position will minimize noise and movement in the house. Remember, playing alone will cause him less harm compared to when he is with other toddlers.

Get your toddler help with house chores.

Some parents may think it is child abuse to get your toddler help in rinsing the utensils. Contrary, it is a way of giving them a task to concentrate on. Once she sees you working and enjoying it, she will do the same. Toddlers are at a learning stage, and they will focus on what you teach them. Remove the carpet and bring some beans to peel. It will save you the trouble of your child moving up and down.

Rest as your child rests.

Parents will take their children to sleep, and they are left working or even watching. The child wakes up, and they are still watching. When the child starts to engage in numerous activities, you find him very annoying. Had you gone to rest when he went to sleep, perhaps you could have woken up less tired? Maybe your child is not as active as you think, the problem is with you not having rest.


The best way to contain your child is by employing healthy strategies to address it. Scorning him or her might do more harm than gain on the psychology of your child. As young as they are, they should be taught rather than mocking or provoking them. Children will be active in different capacities. A parent comparing her toddler with those of his neighbor is completely wrong. It is good to note some toddlers will be active for the rest of their lives. As a parent, you should learn how to contain your toddler whatsoever.

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