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9 Tips If Your Toddler Hates Washing Her Hair

toddler hates having hair washed

Some toddlers enjoy bathing and washing their hair. For other toddlers, water is a curse word. They show their resistance by refusing to wash their hair, throwing tantrums, and by showing other displeasure behaviors. If you are the parent of a toddler who hates washing his hair, understand that you are not alone. Many parents across the world struggle with what they think should be a simple task. When hair washing becomes a foreign word to your toddler, you likely wonder why he or she is so objective about bathing and hair washing. You may also want to know the resolution to the problem. Read below to learn a few common reasons why toddlers may dislike washing their hair and a few great solutions.

Washing Hair Takes Time

A toddler leads a busy life, and bath time takes away from the fun they want to enjoy. Many toddlers are especially challenging when bath time is at night because they know soon they’ll be tucked under the covers. When toddlers dislike washing their hair, it is likely because it takes time out of their busy day. Toddlers have no patience for such tasks when so many other fun things await them. Disgruntled toddlers are often upset due to this fact!

Washing Hair Can Be Very Scary for Toddlers

Water is scary to some toddlers, especially if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. Even soap falling into the toddler’s eyes can create a problem for future bath time. On top of taking time away from the things they’d like to do, many toddlers also fear that it is going to hurt. Reassure your toddler as you wash their hair and make sure that you are gentle every step of the way! We’ll discuss some ways to minimize the fear that your toddler may feel when washing their hair below.

Gentle Wash

Be gentle when washing your toddler’s hair. Toddlers trust their parents, so they expect them to make everything okay. Gently washing their hair reduces the odds that shampoo will get into their eyes, which burns and causes pain. It also reduces water falling into their face, which many toddlers find quite scary. Take your time when washing a toddler’s hair. Talk to them as you wash, since this likely ease their worries.

Play a Game

Distract your toddler from the task at hand, in this case, washing their hair, by playing a game. There are tons of easy games that you can play while washing your toddler’s hair. Whether it is a silly song that you sing together or an “I Spy” game, have a little fun with your toddler to take their mind away from the task and reduce those hassles that occur during bath time. It is not only a fantastic way to distract your toddler, but also quality time together that you’ll appreciate for a long time in the future.


Choosing the best time to wash your toddler’s hair is beneficial. Choose a time slot when the toddler is well rested and is not hungry. There is far less fuss during these occasions. Never bathe your toddler or wash his/her hair when he is tired if he has missed a nap or at other inconvenient times. A happy baby is usually an easy baby! Although it isn’t necessary to plan baths at the same time each day, you must choose the best times each day.

Alternative Hair Washing Methods

If your toddler freaks out every time the water is turned on in the tub or the shower, maybe it is time to do things differently. Parents often turn to the “cup method” when washing a toddler’s hair. Using a cup to pour water to wet their hair is less scary and reduces water flowing into their face, often the cause of concern for little ones who hate washing their hair. If your little one has only minimal amounts of hair, using a washcloth may also suffice for the time being. Consider one or more alternative hair washing methods to reduce the fussiness of your toddler.

Choose the Best Shampoo

Tear-free baby shampoo is best for toddlers when washing their hair. With such a shampoo, there’s less worry if suds leak down into his eyes -and less burning and irritation for the baby. He’ll fear washing his hair much less if he knows that it is not going to hurt him. Spend time researching the baby or tear-free shampoo options to find a product that meets your needs. The internet has an abundance of resources and information available to help select the best shampoo for a toddler.

Let Your Toddler Help

Sure, toddlers really cannot wash their hair in the same manner as an adult, but they can run around on their heads and feel like they’re a part of the process. For many toddlers, feeling independent is important. If your toddler is one that enjoys doing it all alone, allowing him or her to help with the hair washing process is a great idea that can considerably reduce the frustrations that occur. They’ll enjoy helping with their hair and won’t have time to fuss!

Praise Your Toddler

When your toddler takes a bath and washes his or her hair without fuss, make sure proper praise is given. We all enjoy hearing that we did a great job at something. It motivates toddlers to keep on, keepin’ on, and certainly reduces the risks of a meltdown when bath time arrives. Simply tell your toddler they did a good job or that you are proud of them after they successfully bathe and wash their hair. In no time, you’ll notice a major change in the behavior of your toddler. If your toddler is especially fussy when it’s time to wash their hair, perhaps offering a small reward when they comply can also benefit.

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