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My Toddler Hates Other Toddlers!

Toddlers face several new challenges when growing up. As parents, it is important to help guide your child through any obstacle. One issue many toddlers face is being able to get along with other toddlers. It is no big surprise such a situation would be an issue.

Toddlers are just developing proper social skills at such an age. Though what is important is how the toddler treats other toddlers. The toddler may have verbal disagreements with a toddler. Your toddler may even grow disdain from speaking with another child.

Your child may even start to grow disdain with others in general. It is important to identify such behavior, find out why, and solve the issue.

Is it all toddlers or just one?

First, to figure out is if your child truly hates other toddlers or just one. It is best not to jump to such huge conclusions for the toddler. The toddler might be just interacting with others for the first time. Your child could have simply had slight resentment for one child. Even at such a point, it might not be official hate. Your child could have had a small fight with another friend.

Such an experience is common with children. If such a situation is the case, try to patch it up. Have your child try to make up with the other child. Figure out the root of the problem in the situation. See what made a bridge between toddlers.

Also, try to get both sides of the story. If such a thing is not possible, then try to give the two distances. It would be best to have the toddlers apologize and makeup. Though if it can not be done, give the two time to get over it. Do not try to put pressure on the situation.

Hate or shy?

Something else to identify is if the child hates or is just shy. There can be confusion with hate and shyness. Perhaps your child simply chooses not to talk to toddlers for certain reasons. Not out of hate or malice but shyness. When meeting new faces, toddlers can come off as shy.

The child is essentially meeting a stranger. Most children can expect how a parent reacts toward their personality. With children and adults, it is a different story. Your child is afraid to be a crucial judgment. Even at the adult age, many fear the judgment of others.

It is normal for your child to feel uncomfortable in such a situation. For such a reason, your child may avoid other toddlers. Depending on age, many toddlers can be judgemental. If not judgment, it would be the child not to have experience with others. The child may not be able to know how to be social with others.

If so, the child may need encouragement and practice. Try to push your child toward others. Though, try not to make your child feel uncomfortable. Ease the toddler in the idea.

Ask your toddler about it.

It would be best to try and ask the toddler. Figuring it out on your own could be a struggle. There is a chance you could guess right, but better safe than sorry. Sit down with your child and ask about their behavior. Find out why your toddler feels this way. Try not you make your child feel guilty. The toddler is still fairly young and new to the world. The child may think their way of thinking is okay.

Be firm but not too hard on your child. Truly sit down and listen to what your child says. Such a matter could be difficult for several reasons. Your child could be too young to give a clear answer. If not that, then your child may be uncomfortable talking on such a subject.

If the first option, simply observes their behavior around children. Look at the body language of your child. Look at the looks your child is giving to others. It could be shyness or intimidation of the other child. It could also be fear. Look out for the signs and how your child speaks to other toddlers.

One friend at a time

It is always best to take baby steps. If your child has a hard time with other toddlers, give your toddler one friend. It is easier to connect with one person than a crowd. Your child could just be uncomfortable with more than one child. It is better not to go so far with social interactions.

While the child will deal with large groups in life, don’t be so fast. Ease the child with just one friend for a while. Help your child adjust to the idea of interacting with others. Arrange small play dates with other parents.

If you have nieces and nephews the same age, arrange playdates. Help your child break out of their shell and be a bit more tolerant.

Going outside

Try not to be so forceful with your child. If your child truly has disdain for others, help your child go to others. Walk within the park with your child. If there is no park, walk around the neighborhood.

Of course, keep your child close and safe. Encourage your child to look around as you two walk. Help your child see how fun others are having. Such a change will not happen overnight. It could take weeks, if not months, for your child to adjust. Be patient with your child, and do not force it.

Let your child ease into the idea. Your child may see how much fun others are having and want in. Keep your child in a viewing distance to see. Go to a local playground to play on with your child. Perhaps simply walk close toward it so your child will see. Your child could be curious about what is going on. Pay close attention to their reaction. Ask if your child would want to play with others. Your child, over time, might say yes soon.

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