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7 Tips If Your Toddler Hates Nursery

toddler crying in nursery with toys

My toddler hates nursery!

As a child grows, there are social activities and responsibility which comes by age or time. Such commitments are changes in life that are necessary for the lives of children. Joining a nursery lays the foundation for both the academic and social development of a toddler. A parent may take her toddler to a nursery to encourage her playtime and make new friends of their age. Nevertheless, your child may hate the nursery on the first day or after a few days. Among the factors which may make your child hate nursery is meeting strangers and the fear of her security. Parents should give their toddlers a reason to love the nursery.

Making your child love nursery:

Stay calm.

Most parents take their toddlers to the nursery by driving them or taking them on foot. Your reactions when dropping a toddler might determine the mood of the rest of his day. You should be relaxed and composed; let your child know you are comfortable with her leaving. Show too much care, and worry may make a toddler want to go back home with you. Once you are calm, the child will be relaxed. Let her know you trust the caregivers to stay with her. She will start getting comfortable with the new environment.

Praise the nursery.

While at home with your toddler, ensure you talk positively about the nursery. A positive mind brings positive results. Your child will take the nursery that you tell her. Explain to her why she needs to be there and give assurance she will be safe there. Speak about the different experiences they encounter every day. Engage her in the conversations of the games they play in the nursery. Do not forget to say how the staff has assured you about her security. Whenever she comes home in the evening, ask her to tell you the experiences with other children. Learn to know his friends. You might be surprised to see other children influence the hatred towards the nursery. You will realize she is changing her attitude towards the nursery by time.

Give assurance you will pick her.

Once your child knows you will be back for her, she will spend the day peacefully and hope to see you later. Any form of discouragement she may face through, she will relate it to your coming. Knowing there is someone who cares for her gives the confidence to play and interact with other toddlers. Your toddler needs to be aware there is time for everything, and being in the nursery is a necessary experience. She will gradually adjust her thinking and love the nursery.

Make the parting remarks brief.

Parents will find themselves wanting to talk more with their children even when it is time to leave. Taking too much time, as you say, goodbye can create more emotional attachments, and your child will not be willing to leave. Taking too much time together will prompt her to change her mind and can even fake sickness. Short remarks make the child believe it is time for nursery, and she should be there, it will promote a sense of responsibility to your kid. A parent should avoid deep hugs when leaving her child back at the nursery.

Enhance a toddlers’ social life.

Visiting families of other kids in the same nursery as your daughter will create more connections outside the routine. When your child gets friends at the nursery and finds them at their homes, she might be free the next time they meet at school. A child who interacts freely with others will be too busy to practice hatred. Tell your child the importance of having friends and the importance of playing with them. Through the nursery, she will learn new skills, make new friends, and have an organization. Once she understands how being in the nursery is for her benefit, she will find peace and comfortable with other children and staff.

Make her dressing easy.

Imagine your child struggles to stay a whole day with a tight belt. She will find it so hard even to play and desire to be back home. Your toddler should be in clothes that she can take off and put them back on. Tight and zipped clothes might cause challenges whenever she wants to visit the loo and thus cause discomfort. She will start getting angry when it is time for a nursery and even hate being there. Furthermore, a poorly dressed child will be challenged by the rest and therefore develop low self-esteem. She may not want to be back in the nursery and be a laughing subject from other toddlers.

Read a nursery story.

Children will want a parent to relate to what they are taught in the nursery. During free time, you can read a beautiful story that will make her reflect on the nursery. Read stories of how well behaved and smart toddlers get rewarded. How being at the nursery on time and respecting the staff is decent.

Further, you can relate her story with your time in the nursery, tell her a long time during your time there were no ties or bouncing games. She will feel privileged to be in the nursery.


A parent should make efforts to see her child stay positive in the nursery. Being in the nursery should not be reduced to a mere baby care center, but a learning enhancement facility. The power to love or hate such a crucial facility is not only the responsibility of a parent but also of the staff. Nursery management ought to provide for playing, learning, and all necessary infrastructure to keep the toddlers active. The security of these toddlers must need guarantee. A nursery that is flooded lacks security fences and doesn’t guarantee safety for the children’s welfare. To get all children, love the nursery, the staff-kids’ relationships need to be established. Parents should avoid making complaints about the nursery in front of their toddlers to avoid infecting them with a poor mentality about being in the institution.

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