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7 Tips If Your Toddler Hates His/Her Father

As a parent, there will come a time when your child pulls away. For many people, they won’t expect this time to come until their child is a teenager. However, it can come much sooner than you realize. Some children even have a phase where they dislike their parents in their toddler years. It is pretty common for toddlers to prefer one parent to the other. So, what exactly do you need to do if your toddler dislikes their father?

Figure Out If There Is A Reason

The first thing that you need to do when your toddler starts to pull away from their father would be to look for a reason as to why they do not like them. You shouldn’t attack their father, but you should try to understand why they don’t like him. They may not like their father because he is too loud, or he is a lot bigger than they are. Another reason that they may not like him is that they don’t get to spend a lot of time with him. Once you have figured out the reason that they do not like him, you will be able to come up with a game plan.

Don’t Punish Them For Feeling This Way

Your child is allowed to have emotions. You should not punish them for disliking their father. This will only cause them to resent him even more. Unless your child is rude or disrespectful, you should not punish them. If they are vocal, you might even be able to sit down and figure out why they do not like their dad. There are a lot of different reasons that they may not like them. They good be going through a developmental change that may be causing them to feel this way. Instead of taking away their favorite toy because they won’t play with their dad, tell them that they can either play with their dad or play by themself. They may choose to play by on their own at first, but they will probably come around to the idea of playing with their father.

Avoid Giving Into Their Demands

Children can be demanding, especially toddlers. Sometimes it can be easier to just give in to their demands, so you do not have to deal with the crying or temper tantrums. However, when it comes to them disliking their father, you need to hold strong in your position. If you tell your child that their father is the one who will put them to bed, then you don’t need to go back on your word.

This is bad for your child and their father for a couple of reasons. It shows your child that if they cry or complain enough, they will get their way. It can also hurt their father’s feelings. If they think that they will get to spend some time with their child, then they end up not being able to put their child to bed, it can hurt their feelings. As tough as many fathers present themselves, it does hurt their feelings when their child does not want to spend any time with them. So, avoid giving in to their demands, no matter how frustrating or difficult it may be.

Stay In The Background When You Can

A good way for your child to be more involved with their dad is by making yourself less available. One of the biggest reasons that children do not like their fathers is because they are not as present as many mothers are. A mother and their child share a deep bond. However, fathers and their children can also develop this bond if the time is put into it. As a mother, you can support this bond by making yourself less available. Instead of dropping everything that you are doing to help your child, tell them that their father can help them. While their father is helping them do something, try to make yourself as invisible as possible. You do not want to distract from this bonding experience.

Encourage Time Together

If you are a stay at home mom and your husband works all the time, it is no wonder that your child does not like them. They are used to spending more time with their mother, which means they are more comfortable around her. To get your child to be happier around their father, you should encourage them to spend time together. This could be anything from him tucking them into bed or taking them out for ice cream. It is these small activities that add up and create unbreakable bonds.

Come Up With A Game Plan

After you have determined why your child does not like their father, it is time to come up with a game plan. It will take some work to get your child to start liking their father. They might have to take over bath time or read to them before bed. Whatever they need to do to get their child to start liking them again.

Ways To Deal With Your Toddler Disliking Their Father

Being a parent can be difficult. It can be even more difficult when your child decides they do not like you. There will be a time that they do not like you. The only thing that you can do is accept it and do everything that you can to ensure they are taken care of. For many children, this is just a stage. Once they get older, they will outgrow this stage. As long as you are not punishing them or causing harm, they will realize that you are their ally and stop disliking you. It may take some time, so don’t lose hope and give up. One day it will be a funny story to look back on and laugh about.

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