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6 Reasons Your Toddler Has Yellow Vomit

As a parent, there are many obstacles that you have to through. First, you have to prepare to have a baby. You buy everything that you are going to need to be a good parent for your baby. Your baby is now born, and you get to watch their every move, you get to watch them take their every breath. Day by day, as they get bigger and bigger, you are learning new parenting habits. You get to see amazing things as a parent. Your child’s first words, first crawl, first steps. At this point, you are so in love. You didn’t know you could love someone so hard, before parenthood. One thing that life doesn’t prepare you for is how to care for your toddler when they are sick accurately. As a parent, you will feel heartbroken and miserable when your baby is sick. Depending on what’s wrong and the symptoms of your toddler’s illness, the parent might have to seek medical attention. For instance, if your toddler is throwing up yellow vomit, the diagnosis may vary.


Viral and bacterial infections are one of the leading causes of vomiting, especially if it is yellow. A standard belly ache can make a toddler vomit. A common cold that has struck your toddler can also call for a very rough night and cause vomiting. An earache or infection that has found a toddler can also make them vomit yellow and feel very bad and cranky. Viral and bacterial infections are usually viruses that run their courses and leave you a happy, healthy toddler afterward.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can also lead to yellow vomit in a toddler. Anything a toddler eats overall has the potential to make them sick. Any food can become contaminated if not prepared under clean conditions, cooked thoroughly, or stored at cold temperatures. Meat, fish, dairy products, and fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the most easily infected foods. Make sure all the food you prepare for your toddler is washed and cooked thoroughly. A toddler could have symptoms such as nausea, yellow vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, and sometimes fever and chills. Most children recover on their own with supportive care, meaning rest, fluids, pain, and fever reducers can also be used. Keep your toddler comfortable, and everything will be okay.


Bile can also cause yellow vomit in gin your toddler. The bile fluid is created by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Bile isn’t always a concern for a toddler. In some cases, though, there could be some major issues. Your toddler could be suffering from a twisted bowel, volvulus, or meconium blockage. Consult the toddler’s pediatrician to schedule an exam as soon as possible. He will help in any way he can to get your toddler feeling happy and healthy again. The health and comfort of your toddler is the most important thing in the world.

Bowel Blockages

Blockages in the bowel can cause extreme yellow vomiting in a small toddler. Blockages in the bowel are usually associated with gallstones or a hernia. Suppose the toddler is suffering from the loss of appetite, constipation, or abdominal cramping. The toddler will feel bad and not comfortable at all. Make sure to keep the toddler as comfortable as possible. A Pediatrician can run certain tests, and they can pinpoint the medical issues and help the poor toddler. Seeking medical attention even when the parent feels it isn’t needed, is sometimes needed. A second opinion is the best thing you can get, besides your own. As a parent, better safe, then sorry is the motto to have.

Stomach Flu

Gastroenteritis or stomach flu is another leading cause of yellow vomit in toddlers. It is caused by common viruses that a toddler comes in contact with every day. Gastroenteritis can also cause other issues such as nausea, belly pain, and diarrhea. During this sickness, and vomiting your child can become dehydrated. Even if a toddler is drinking all the time, during vomiting, they can still become dehydrated. Keep a close eye on things, and no matter what, make sure the toddler is staying hydrated.

Pyloric Stenosis

Pyloric stenosis which is a thickening of the valve muscle between the stomach and the small intestine. Pyloric stenosis can also make a toddler vomit yellow. The valve is normally the width of a quarter, but with pyloric stenosis, it becomes the width of a pencil. When your toddler is suffering from this, it makes the valve small for the stomach contents to pass through. This leads to your toddler not feeling very well, and vomiting yellow. A pediatrician can help answer any questions and run any tests needed to help get your toddler back on track. In some severe cases, pyloric stenosis can be correct by a simple surgery to widen the muscle opening.

Don’t wait. Ask a pediatrician.

There are many illnesses and sicknesses that a parent has to watch out for. Do some research on questions you might have. Call the toddler’s pediatrician for any questions you may have that needs medical advice. Once seen by a pediatrician, he will test and collect blood samples if needed. If the pediatrician feels more extensive testing is needed to help the poor toddler, he will schedule them. If the toddler needs to be seen, my specialist, that will also be scheduled. Remember that yellow something is sometimes normal. Make sure to keep an eye on it. Always remember in a situation where a toddler is vomiting, continuously give them something to drink even if the toddler can’t seem to keep anything down. Water or Pedialyte will surely help the situation at hand. Keeping your toddler hydrated, happy, healthy, and at peace is the main concern. It is hard to watch a toddler, your loved one struggle, and be uncomfortable at times. All you can do is be there for him, get him the help he needs if needed. Cherish and love them forever. Parenting a toddler isn’t easy, but it is a blessing.

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