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10 Reasons Your Toddler Has Yellow Teeth

1. Tartar Building Up

In case your toddler’s teeth are not brushed for over two minutes twice a day, tartar builds upon his/her teeth. The condition is also leading to the creation of plaque in his/her teeth which attracts stains for beverages and food. Tartar and plaque have yellow color; therefore, it discolors your baby’s teeth. Excessive buildup of tartar and plaque will increase the risks of your baby having cavities. Do not let the condition last for long; ensure that you visit a dentist for a prescription for your baby. The dentist can clean your toddler’s teeth and show you how to clean the at home. Always try practicing home oral care by brushing your baby’s teeth for two minutes after every meal.

2. The Eruption of Permanent Teeth

Your toddler is most likely to have yellow teeth if he/she has grown old enough like six years old. As a parent, you might panic; however, the condition is just reasonable. The cause of such a case is the eruption of permanent teeth. Permanent teeth tend to be yellow because they have more dentin as compared to milk teeth. Their nerve canals are also relatively longer when they first erupt.
Additionally, permanent teeth tend to be transparent when they erupt to replace milk teeth. These factors result in the yellow color of the toddler’s teeth. Such a condition does not need medical attention following the fact that over time the enamel gets hard.

3. Food and Drink

Your toddler eats various types of food and beverages. Other foods can cause yellow teeth. For instance, giving your baby food and drink with high pigmentation like soy sauce, blueberries, and soda leads to the yellow coloring of your toddler’s teeth. The staining depends on how often and long you give your baby food and drink that causes teeth coloring. To avoid such a condition, ensure that you rinse your toddler’s teeth after consuming highly pigmented drinks and foods.

4. Tetracycline

The condition refers to an antibiotic medication that leads to yellow teeth in your child. The situation is contained in cold medicines and is caused if the baby is ingested while his/her teeth are forming. The yellow color starts from the enamel and spreads out to the whole teeth. However, the staining effect depends on how long is the exposure, and if part of the teeth enamel was formed during the time. Such stains are hard to remove, but they can be removed through various bleaching techniques. The implication, in this case, is that babies under eight years should not be prescribed Tetracycline.

5. Fluorosis

The condition is caused by the ingestion of a lot of fluorides during the time of teeth formation. The condition is irreversible as it damages the enamel forming cells leading to mineralization disorder. It also increases the sub-surface enamel resulting in yellow teeth in your child.

6. Thin Enamel

At times genetic factors affect the formation of your toddler’s enamel. In case your toddler has a weak and thin enamel than average, then his/her teeth look yellow. The enamel is white, and the dentin layer below it is yellow; hence the teeth look yellow.
Thin enamel and a yellow dentin layer underneath it show through clearly; hence your toddler’s teeth appear yellow. In case your child has such a condition, do not hesitate to see a dentist. The dentist will give your baby’s enamel special care and keep his/her teeth clean free from complications and cavities.

7. Early Tooth Decay

As a parent, you need to ensure proper dental hygiene for your toddler. Having poor dental hygiene results in yellowing and formation of plaque. The condition leads discoloring of your baby’s teeth. As a responsible parent, you need to wipe your baby’s teeth gums using a soft cloth or brush his/her teeth frequently as soon as his/her first teeth come. Through such a habit, you will ensure that the development of your toddler’s teeth is healthy. You should always oral care routines for your baby and ensure that you teach your toddler to floss and brush his/her teeth from his/her early age to avoid teeth decay.

8. Medications

Your toddler might have yellow teeth following prolonged use of certain antihistamines and antibiotics. Continued use of antibiotics leads to teeth calcification hence resulting in teeth yellowing. Other medical supplements including multivitamins cause yellow stains in your baby’s teeth. Additionally, your baby could be ingested with other medications that reduce the average production of saliva, which results in the development of plaque hence yellowing of the teeth.
You should not be worried about such a condition because it only causes surface stains which can be removed by a dentist. You only need to take your baby to the dentist for teeth cleaning. Moreover, a toddler whose mother used strong antibiotics like Tetracycline during pregnancy might have yellow teeth quickly as they grow.

9. Iron

You might be giving a lot of iron to your toddler results in yellow stains in his/her teeth. Most babies are subject to teeth yellowing due to the consumption of a lot of iron. Your toddler is susceptible to iron stains. The stains resulting from iron are hard to remove. However, brushing your toddler’s teeth regularly alongside flossing will reduce the chances of the stain from building up. Always ensure you understand the effects of various irons and multivitamins that you give your baby. Give your toddler reasonable amounts of iron and ensure that you practice dental hygiene daily.

10. Teeth Trauma

Your baby is subject to accidents that may lead to the damage of nerves near the teeth. Such accidents may include falling, and they result in staining your baby’s teeth. However, the teeth trauma affects only the tooth which the nerve is attached to. If your baby has only one tooth with a stain then that could be a result of teeth trauma therefore you need to take him/her to the dentist for medication. The dentist can whiten your baby’s teeth. However, it can only be temporal; the condition may keep repeating itself.

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