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Tips for Handling Stress During Pregnancy

Dealing with stress during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is not all flowers and happiness. Many expectant mothers become or experience stress at some point in the pregnancy.

There could be numerous reasons for the stressful feelings, or it could be just the fact of carrying that baby inside of you that you are now responsible for.

Yes, you are not alone if you are stressed during your pregnancy. Before you start to panic, let’s go over some tips and tricks that are sure to help relieve some stress.

Rather than allow stress to affect you and ultimately your baby, teach yourself to find a technique that works for you. Any of these tips or even some that you may think of will help take some stress away.

Tips for handling stress during pregnancy

Stress is considered any form of strain or tension that one feels mental, emotionally, or physically.

Pregnancy is not the time to be overloaded with so much that stress affects you in any form. Whether it is one of these tips or a hobby, you already have, implement it into your daily life to relax.

The obvious one is sleep

All women have heard the line, ‘Get some sleep while you can.’ In essence, this is wise advice. You already know that more sleep equals less stress.

You probably think that it is easier said than done. We have some ways to help you.

Turning the heat down or air conditioning on so that the temp reaches the lower 60s will help stimulate sleep in your body.

Pregnant women can avoid eating for two hours before bedtime. This will help prevent heartburn when you are resting. To be more comfortable when sleeping, use a body pillow. The pillow can ease pressure if you are lying on your side.

Eat well and take care of yourself

Eating nutritious foods is obvious. The key to a healthy you and a healthy baby is nutrition. Eating regularly is beneficial to you. Some women find it easier to have many small meals throughout the day.

This avoids the binge eating if you wait too long for a meal. Prepping foods ahead of time makes this easier to accomplish. Some simple ideas: -Vegetable trays -Fruit trays -Sandwiches -Salads

Create a moderate exercise routine

Moderate exercise should not be the type that puts stress on you. Activities like walking and swimming are ideal options.

Gentle exercise can help get the endorphins flowing and helps your back muscles for the birthing process. Yoga is a practice that is gentle and relaxing.

However, be sure to speak with your physician before undertaking ANY form of exercise.

Do not use negative measures or stress about being stressed

That is defeating the purpose of lessening the stress. Most definitely avoid alcohol, junk food, or other negative responses.

The junk food includes an overabundance of sugar, which is not healthy, and alcohol or other tobacco can harm the baby and you.

Try to understand what the stress is about

Have a talk with your partner, spouse, or friend. Dealing with stress alone can cause health issues for you and the baby.

Receiving feedback in regards to why you are stressed can help to alleviate some of this stress.

Ask for and accept help

Do not try to do all the things by yourself. Something you may not have considered is that your family or friends may enjoy helping you get ready for the baby.

Yes, sometimes this may mean simple things like helping you grocery shop, maybe it is time to set up the crib, or maybe watching the older child or children for an hour or two.

Your family and friends love you and are willing to assist with even chores around the home. Just ask!

Minimize the activities that are not necessary

If your spouse, partner, or family is willing to run the errands such as groceries, paying bills, or putting baby furniture together, let them do it.

Plan for work issues. Discuss with your employer if you have the ability to telecommute. Lean on your support network for all the help you need.


Meditating helps many people cope with the stresses of the day. This is also an activity you can do with your spouse, partner, friend, or family member.

Meditation is known to help increase wellbeing and confidence. Meditation is also becoming more popular during the labor process as a form of relaxation.

Grab a book

Grab a book from your local library, charge up the kindle, and find a book you enjoy. Reading is not only relaxing, it can help you fall asleep, and it can be educational also.

Remember that what you read during pregnancy does not have to be about the pregnancy or your soon to be a bundle of joy.

Sometimes grabbing a humorous book could minimize the stress you have been feeling.

Soak in a relaxing bath

Again, be sure that you have discussed how long you can continue soaking in the tub with your physician. Not only are they very relaxing, but those long soaks can also help to ease sore and tired muscles.

It has also been shown to improve early labor progress and minimize some of the pain felt during contractions. You know already that pregnancy can be stressful.

If you combine that stress with everyday life stresses such as work, errands, and family, that stress multiplies. To this, we can add life events, world events, and so on. That is a lot of stress to carry on your shoulders.

It has been shown that stress that overwhelms during pregnancy can also harm the unborn child from premature births to affecting the baby’s brain development and immune system.

Premature birth will also mean low birth weight. When you find that you are starting to feel stressed, help yourself by having some of these options available for you to use.

While you are pregnant, find the time for yourself. This not only helps you calm down and relieve stress, but the baby will calm down also.

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