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8 Creative Ways to Tell Parents You’re Pregnant

girl preparing to tell parents she's pregnant

How to Tell Parents You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a blessing as well as a curse for some people. Perhaps you are a couple that has been trying to get pregnant for just a couple months or you are a couple that has been trying for a couple of years.

Maybe you are a single mom who got pregnant quickly and is afraid to tell your parents and friends about the new pregnancy. You could even be a young teen who just found out about the pregnancy.

When this happens, there are ways that you are able to tell those you love about the new addition to the family.

Here are some ways to break the news to those around you:

1. Photo Shoots

One way that most people are now breaking the news to their parents and loved ones is to perform a photo shoot. In the photo shoots, couples and individuals are able to provide props that can allow those who see the photos to see the news of the addition. You can use blackboards to write the news on and the couples can use the chalkboards to read the news. You might even be able to have shirts made that announce the big news to those seeing the photos. Choose to hold a photo shoot in a place that suites you as a couple and showcases your love for one another during this special time.

2. Expecting Announcements

With the ever-growing use of the internet, there are ways to announce the pregnancy to those close to you as well as to those far away. Think of a cool way to send a greeting to your parents as a way to break the news. You can use a greeting card program or web site along with other social media platforms. These platforms will allow you to send a message individually to the parents or as a group to multiple people at once. You can make it as informal as you want or as formal as you want.

3. Host A Dinner

Maybe you want to break the news to your parents face to face in order to see the whole reaction to the news, or maybe you want to be there to listen to their concerns as you break the news. If so, choose to hold a dinner for your loved ones. Think of cool ideas to use as ways to drop subtle hints. Maybe choose to make baby carrots with your meal. Think about other small hints to drop the news. By creating a meal catered around the news, your loved ones will feel more important and included in the news.

4. Video Conference Those You Love Far Away

A new way to break the news to those you love is to host a video conference. In a video conference, you can add and include as many people as you would like. Maybe you want to host one set of parents at a time, maybe you want to host both sets of parents at once. You could even include the grandparents and great grandparents all at once. Maybe separate the families and make it more personal to each family’s side.

5. Host a Scavenger Hunt

What would be more fun than hosting an event and asking your loved ones to search for items to win a prize? The prize is the news of the pending arrival. Choose to hide items that will provide hints to a new arrival. Think about hiding a pair of baby booties. After hiding the booties maybe think about hiding a baby bottle. Next maybe a pacifier and so on. You can find these items pretty cheaply at party supply stores as small little items. Choose hints that will help them to discover the news pretty quickly.

6. Wait for the Holidays

A neat idea would be to announce the news at the next big holiday get together. If the next holiday coming up is Christmas, choose a way to incorporate the holiday gift into the news of your arrival. This could be to gift a oensie to your parents with the news of the arrival and something that they will be able to hold onto for many years to come or you could simply include the photo of your first sonogram in a photo frame to hand out to those who are there for the holidays. You can choose a number of different party ideas and ways to break the news to those around you without spending too much money, as you will need all the money you can save for later on after the baby’s arrival. You can still choose ways to make it more personal this way as well.

7. Use Props For Breaking the News

Maybe you will want to look around your home for ways that you can break the news to your family. Invite them over for dinner and place a pair of extra shoes by the doorway with the due date on the shoes. This will allow them to look down and see the news upon walking into the home. This will allow each person to react independently and then by all of them learning as a group.

8. Consider Incorporating Children Already Accounted For

If you are already a parent and are expecting another addition, try using the oldest child as a way to break the news. Maybe consider using the child to announce the pregnancy through role playing. Maybe let the child pretend to be caring for a baby and then snap a picture and use that as a pregnancy announcement. You can use the picture to showcase how the child is learning to care for a baby so it can care for the new addition to the home once the baby arrives.

There are so many different options as ways that you can allow others to learn the news of your latest addition. This will allow for the news to be told in new and creative ways while making things easier to tell those around you.

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