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10 Tips for Taking Toddlers to Waterparks

toddlers swimming in pool

Taking an adventure to a water park should be fun and exciting. It should not be stressful or worrisome. When going to a waterpark with a toddler, it is not an easy outing, especially if you, as a parent, are unprepared. Therefore, there are just a few easy tips you should follow to make every trip to a water park with a toddler much more enjoyable. These steps are easy to follow, and they are sure to make such a positive difference for the entire group outing.

Pack the Sunscreen

You and your family are going to be outside for the majority of the day. That being the case, you must take the necessary precautions to protect your toddlers’ skin. You will want to be sure that the sunscreen you select is waterproof and that you reapply every so often since you will be in the heat and sun.

Prepare for Clothing Changes

The first tip is for you always to pack a change of clothes for everyone in your party, especially your toddler. By taking this simple step, you will most likely be able to avoid a huge toddler meltdown. As a parent, you are aware of the different moods toddlers may have throughout a single day. Therefore, setting yourself up for success with a simple change of clothes will be key in achieving a family fun-filled day.

Pack Towels

By packing towels, you, as the parent, will be able to ensure everyone can dry off at any point in time. Contrary to what some water parks or pools may state of providing towels, they tend to be extremely thin. Alternatively, if you pack your towels, you will be able to have thick plush towels that are sure to dry you off instantly. Plus, the towels can be used to keep you and your toddler warm if there is a breeze throughout the day.

Leave Behind the Pool Toys

Packing small toys for your toddler to play with during break times and around naptime is completely acceptable. However, you will want to refrain from packed all of the extra pool toys and inflatable items. The park is going to have countless water activities to keep everyone entertained. Plus, it makes for less that you have to keep track of during the day, and you can devote your entire focus to your toddler. Now, if your toddler is fond of a particular floating device, there is no reason you cannot bring it along. In the end, you must decide what is best for you and your toddler and what items will make your trip more enjoyable. After all, your water park experience is all about you and your toddler making memories.

Stay Hydrated

This is a huge tip that you will need to stay on top of during your adventure at the water park. It can be very easy to become distracted with all of the excitement. However, you and your toddler need to be sure to take appropriate precautions and ensure you all are taking regular drink breaks. It is strongly recommended to take as frequently as every hour for a small rehydration break.

Pack a Variety of Snacks

You will quickly be surprised by how fast your toddler will become hungry from all of the water activities. It is important to pack a variety of snacks so that you may be prepared for any picky eater. Be sure that the snacks are individually packaged for easy access throughout the day. Additionally, snack breaks can be used as a great incentive to get your busy toddler to take a much-needed break.

Try New Experiences

This is the perfect time to let your toddler explore new territory. You should always be sure to watch your toddler and keep them close to you at all times. However, this is the perfect time for you to let your toddler experience the water and master new skills. As long as they are safe and within a short reach, let them explore until their heart is content.

Always Seek Out a Shady Spot

You should always be sure to seek out the perfect shade spot quickly after arriving at the water park. Yes, everyone loves to soak up the sun, but you will swiftly realize just how warm and sunny the day can become if you are not able to locate the perfect shady spot in the park. Do not worry because there is going to be plenty of sunshine for you and your toddler to enjoy for hours during the day. Ensuring proper shade for your family breaks is going to be key to achieving a great water park trip.

Bring Along Enough Supervision

It is imperative that if you have several children that you invite along with enough supervision. Water parks do provide their lifeguards; however, it is still your responsibility to make certain that there are enough adults in your group to watch over all of the children closely. You never want to have to split your time and be required to take your eyes off of your toddler. Therefore, by having enough adults, there is more than enough supervision to ensure proper safety during your water park adventure.

Make Having Fun a Priority

Making sure your toddler has a great time should be your only goal from the water adventure. These tips are simply to assist you in achieving a less stressful trip to any water park. It can be difficult trying to conquer a water park trip, but it can also lead to making memories for a lifetime. Try implementing these easy tips and tricks on your next water adventure and enjoy the sun and fun.

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