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16 Tips for Taking a Toddler to Thailand

babies and elephant in Thailand

Can I take my toddler to Thailand?

You and your toddler are together searching for a place to go with your family. You both decide on the country Thailand and see Bangkok and all of what’s to offer. As a parent, though, you worry about your toddler because it’s his/her’s first time traveling. Your toddler’s first experience traveling to another country is exciting. So, here are some tips to help you and your family enjoy time in Thailand, along with your toddler!

1. Time Is Important

While getting to Thailand, you must have the perfect timing to get to the country before your toddler’s bedtime. Rejecting the action not to do so will make your toddler fussy.

2. Save Bangkok for Last (Best for Last)

Also, though you and your family will be arriving in Bangkok, save your time in Bangkok for last. Let your kids adjust to the Thai culture first before staying. For example, you and your family can go to Phuket.

3. Have a Water Bottle Beside Your Toddler

Hydration is important for you and your family. Make sure to have a water bottle with you for your toddler at all times. The climate in Thailand is steamy hot. There are usually 7-Elevens or convenience stores nearby, so it’s easy to find water.

4. Make the First Day Relaxing

For you and your family, coming from another country, will leave you all in jetlag. Try to make the first day relaxing by staying in your rental house, hotel, or whatever place you stay at. Getting rest from a long, tiring flight can help your family unwind and relax, especially for your toddler.

5. Allow Several Days for Your Toddler to Adjust to Weather

While the weather in Thailand is known to be hot, give your toddler time. For the first few days, do not be in the outdoors a lot. Try to go to the shops and restaurants nearby. Walk in the malls. Generally, go to places with air conditioning.

6. Do Only One Big Activity per Day

It’s best you and your family, along with your toddler, do a big activity in the morning. Having a big activity in the morning is best because your family is just fresh and woken up. Save the afternoon to do some relaxing activities.

7. Umbrella Strollers (Must-Have!)

Because you and your family will be visiting temples, an umbrella stroller is a need. The umbrella stroller will shield your toddler from the blazing sun while walking out, discovering the landmarks Thailand has to offer. Also, the umbrella stroller will be lighter and easier to move around the cracky, crazy roads.

8. Make Sure Your Hotel(s) Has Baby Cots

If you don’t want to be chasing your toddler at 4 A.M. see if your hotel has a baby cot. Having a cot will help you and your family relax while trying to sleep from a good day spent.

9. Foods in Thailand

While you and your family are spending time in Thailand, the food is very good. For your toddler, give him/her the first-hand experience of Pad Thai or Pad See ew. Other dishes might be spicy for your child. You can ask, though, for the dish you want your toddler to try to be high-spice or not so spicy.

10. Have Your Toddler Stay at Babysitting Clubs

Most of the hotels in Thailand have a service for your toddler. If you would like to spend some time with your spouse, then the service is open to you always. You should take your child to the child babysitting club one or two times a week. Only if necessary. Also, the Thai people are great with kids, which is a plus.

11. Have Another Relaxing Day in Between Big Activities at the Beach

If you are spending your time in a place like Phuket, you and your family should visit the beach. You should do this in-between the times your family has done a big activity. Pool days work too if you are not nearby a beach for Phuket. A relaxing day will help you, your family, and your toddler enjoy a day off at the beach or pool.

12. Involve Your Toddler in Fun Activities

While being in the country itself, you and your family should involve yourselves in the culture Thailand has to offer. For example, you and your toddler should join a cooking class. A cooking class can help you and your toddler taste and create new foods from milk tea to coconut milk and other dishes.

13. Take Your Baby to Bangkok

If you have done the activities you and your family decide on doing, then maybe it’s time to visit the city of Bangkok again. Bangkok has many places to offer for you, your family, and your toddler to see.

14. Tourist Attractions of Bangkok

You and your family have access to many locations in the city of Bangkok. If you want to see sea life, then visit Sea Life Bangkok. Your toddler will enjoy the experience of being with these animals. The Museum of Siam is also a place to visit to see the rich history of Thailand. It is also a discovery museum perfect for you, your toddler, and your family. Here is one location to visit as well as the Grand Palace. It’s a marvel to behold with its’ flawless architecture design that will leave your toddler in awe.

15. MBK in Thailand

For your toddler, MBK is the best place for your child. Along with cooling down with air conditioning and grabbing drinks, play areas are available. An entertainment center with a bowling alley, cinema, and fast food place is available too. The place is also good for shopping for you, your spouse, and other family members.

16. Bring Your Toddler’s Car Seat to Thailand

For traveling around the country, you will be traveling by car. It’s typical to find that there aren’t any car seats so bring your own. You will have a difficult time, though, with your toddler.

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