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18 Tips for Taking a Toddler to Paris

1. Airbnb 2-Bedroom Rental

One of the most recommended areas of Paris to stay in the 7th Arrondissement, also known as the left bank. The 7th Arrondissement is a well-recommended place to stay. The area is home to the Musée d’Orsay, and so is the Rodin Museum. Airbnb is within walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and the Seine.

2. Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel

The Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel is a great place for families. Kids 16 and under get to stay and eat breakfast for free. The majority of the rooms come with sofa-beds and a double bed.

3. C.O.Q. Hotel Paris

Another good place for families to live while in Paris is C.O.Q Hotel Paris. The designer of the hotel was thinking about the community and what was going to be the best for them. The design is creative and includes a garden which is complete with a chicken run. It also includes board games and enjoys.

4. Choose Family-Friendly Accommodations

The Luxembourg Garden neighborhood, which is in the 6th Arrondissement, is a good area. In the 4th Arrondissement is the Ile St. Louis, which is near the Notre Dame Cathedral. The 3rd and 4th Arrondissement is the location of the Marais neighborhood, which is a good area to acquire accommodations.

5. Renting an Apartment

There are different places in which you can rent an apartment in Paris. The first place is called Home Away, then there is the VRBO. The last couple of places are Cobblestone Paris Rentals and Hotel Pullman Roissy-CDG Airport.

6. Rent Toddler Equipment

Suppose you did not bring equipment for your toddler with you because it was not convenient for travel purposes. You can rent the equipment you will need from Baby’Tems. They rent just about every item you will need for your toddler. They will deliver the items to your hotel room or apartment.

7. Bring or Rent a Stroller

The best stroller to use is a lightweight one, so it is easy to get on/off the metro with. The city of Paris takes a lot of walking to see it all. The best place for walking is at a leisurely pace so you can enjoy every site.

8. Have a Baby Carrier

Baby carriers can hold most toddlers. It will come in very handy when you have to ride on the Metro. It means that your toddler can sit without being able to run around on the Metro.

9. Portable High Chair

Most of the restaurants in Paris do not offer high chairs for their customers. So, you either need to bring a portable high chair or let your toddler sit on your lap to eat.

10. Disposable Changing Pads

In the City of Love, it is rare to find a changing table. Therefore, you will need disposable changing pads to be able to change diapers or disposable training pants. About the only places you will find changing tables are at the airport and in large department stores.

11. Visit the Nearby Parks

There are many parks scattered around Paris. Suppose you would like to enjoy a beautiful sunset, the garden behind the Eiffel Tower place to go. The Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden) is the perfect spot for toddlers. They offer pony rides, playgrounds, and a traditional carousel for them to enjoy. The park offers 25 hectares, which offer adults sculptures to enjoy beautiful flowers and beautiful landscaping for enjoyment.

12. Jardin des Luxembourg and Parisian Playgrounds

The Jardin des Luxembourg is a paradise for children, which is full of nostalgia for a long-forgotten childhood. There are wooden toy sailboats, a marionette show, and pony rides for children of all ages, including toddlers. The enclosed playground is perfect for toddlers ages four and under. It offers them a sandbox to play in, slides, seesaws, climbing gyms, and twirling toys to enjoy.

13. Carousels of Paris

Paris is home to many carousels. In the park, Jardin des Luxembourg is a 135-year-old carousel whose designer was Charles Garnres. Go to Place du Trocadero to enjoy an amazing double-decker antique carousel. It will give you a panoramic view of the gardens and the Eiffel Tower.

14. Parc Andre Citroen

In Parc Andre Citreon, head over to the office of the park and pick up a ticket for a hot air balloon ride. The balloon goes up every 15 minutes for a short ride that offers a birds-eye view of Paris. While you are there, let your toddler have some fun running through the fountains. The multiple spouts are laid out in rows. Just make sure to bring your toddler a towel and a spare outfit to put on.

15. Take a Tuk Tuk Ride

You get a 2-kilometer ride in the city. The Tuk Tuk’s can be found all around Paris at the hubs that are there for tourists. A Tuk Tuk is a three-wheeled motorcycle that is operational in a taxi.

16. Visit the Ménagerie in Paris

Inside of the Paris Botanical Garden on the Left Bank of the Seine is the Ménagerie. It is the oldest zoological garden in the world. It is animal housing that is spread through both inside and outside enclosures. There are around 200 different species of animals, and is not anyone’s typical kind of zoo. It is a research area which is dedicated to the betterment of the different animals and their lives.

17. Cathedral of Notre Dame

There are almost always long lines at the cathedral due to baggage security checks. The lines are usually fast-moving. Tip-ask at the gate if your family can skip the line because you have a toddler. The cathedral is in the 4th Arrondissement neighborhood. The cathedral is built in the Gothic style around the Middle Ages with its well-known round stained glass rose windows. It is one of the first building which has the flying buttress which supports the sky-reaching nave.

18. Other Places to See

Visit the Eiffel Tower to get a real feel of Paris. Climb the Arc de Triomphe and see the amazing view of the city.

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