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5 Tips for Taking Toddler to a NASCAR Race

    Can I bring my toddler to a NASCAR race?

    No, it’s not a typo. Our guide here is about taking your toddler to a NASCAR race! If you have ever been to one of these events, you know what it entails. Otherwise, our guide may be as much for you as it is your toddler.

    If you understand about a NASCAR race, you might not agree with taking a toddler to one. But as with other events, if you prepare properly, there is no reason it can’t be a good experience for you both.

    NASCAR is an acronym for the National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing. These types of events are loud, very loud, very hot, and smell rather strange, especially to a toddler. Maybe after reading our guide, you can better decide about taking your toddler to a NASCAR Race.

    First, we need to break down the event into the different aspects you will need to prepare your toddler for.

    1. The Noise… Oh, the Noise!

    A NASCAR race is the presence of 40 or more race cars pumping out over 700 horsepower each. They travel in a continuous left-hand loop for more than five hours. It produces a lot of noise over an extended time.

    One item you might want to invest in is hearing protection. Right. A toddler isn’t going to want anything in or over their ears for five or so hours. So begin conditioning them in advance.

    Toddlers like to imitate their parents. You need to take advantage and get them to imitate you wearing hearing protection. Maybe you can get them to wear earbuds like the one’s mom and dad wear. Then connect those earbuds to a video or music on your phone they will pay attention to. For five hours? Remember, you are conditioning them bit by bit. Not all at once.

    You will find it extremely difficult to get the toddler to wear conventional earplugs. It would be great if they would, and you may want to try some. But wearing earbuds will at least offer them some protection. Just start letting them use the buds well in advance instead of getting them to on the day of.

    2. NASCAR Races Are Always on Very Hot Days!

    Prepare accordingly. Sunscreen is going to be used like barbecue sauce on a slab of ribs. Slathered. Multiple times. Do not wait until the green flag drops to expose your toddler to the use of this item. Give them some every time you go outdoors, so they become accustomed to the ritual of being painted white.

    If your toddler is comfortable wearing a ball-type cap, then, by all means, take one with you. Any type of sun protection you can get on the toddler, the better your day will be. Sunburned toddlers aren’t very happy people. And NASCAR events are very long according to the latest toddlers poll.

    Remember, too; you will be in one spot for quite a while. When purchasing tickets, explain to the person selling you the tickets you are bringing a toddler. They may have a certain section for these small race fans. Think of every possible scenario and how you will deal with it.

    3. NASCAR Events Smell Funny

    If you or your toddler have never been to a NASCAR event, get ready for the smell. Now to an avid race fan, the smell is intoxicating; They live for the smell of the exhaust and the burning of rubber (from the tires). Between the noise, the heat, and the smell, It will be quite a day.

    Perhaps the best way to deal with the toxic fumes is to obtain seats on the highest row. The fumes are less likely to be intolerable the further away they are. And another possibility is there could be more fresh air circulating in these nose-bleed seats. Cars traveling at high speed could create a funnel effect, and the higher altitude seats may be the way to go.

    Then again, those higher seats might be harder for a toddler due to the proximity of other needed services. Think about how long the trek will be to get to a bathroom facility. Or to escape the sun for a bit. Methodical planning well in advance is your responsibility as a parent.

    4. NASCAR Events Are Drinking Events

    Again if you have never been to one, be prepared to see a lot of alcohol. It is not uncommon to hear a race fan say that “we went to a beer party, and a race broke out!” It will be everywhere.

    You may be okay with your small child being around alcohol. Then again, you may not. NASCAR event is notorious for the presence of alcohol, and just about every section of the track has two things. A beer vendor and a drunk fan. This factor alone might be the deciding point in taking your toddler to the races.

    If the toddler does attend, let’s hope he or she has a pleasant experience and remembers a fun day. Not a day, they got to see their first alcohol-related mishap.

    5. Take a Trial Run

    Maybe the best way to see if your toddler can stand up to racing is to go to one. Not the full-blown NASCAR event. Take them to a local race track on a Saturday night and just gauge for yourself if it is going to succeed or not. When dealing with a toddler, a trial run for a much larger venue could be just what you both need.

    Then you can do what a good parent does. Make a well informed decision concerning the event.

    In Conclusion

    If you are a die-hard NASCAR fan, do not just assume your toddler will be. These events take a lot of planning when considering taking a toddler. But who knows your child may just totally embrace the whole NASCAR community.

    Hopefully, if the toddler does go, it will be a great family outing they will enjoy doing again sometime.

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