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7 Tips for Taking Toddler to Monster Jam

taking toddler to monster jam

As parents, we often want our kids to experience a lot of fun things. It is important to make sure that the activities we take our children to are age-appropriate. In addition to age being important, we also must plan to keep the event as positive of an experience as possible.

If you plan on taking your toddler to a very fun event such as monster jam, then there are seven tips you will want to follow to ensure that the event is a success. Nothing can ruin a costly afternoon out more than an upset toddler.

Make Sure Your Toddler Is Rested

As parents, we all know that a tired toddler will not cooperate. When you purchase your tickets to Monster Jam, consider that day one of planning. Check the time frame for the event. If it falls outside of normal nap time, then consider yourself lucky enough to have time to adjust nap time.

If you do not have enough time to change nap time, then you will want to make sure your toddler goes to bed early the night before and wakes up early the next morning. Have a fun and action-packed morning that leaves your little one tired and eager to nap. If Monster Jam is an hour or more away from your home, then you can use that car ride as nap time. Your toddler will wake up refreshed and ready for the event.

Make Sure You Pack A Day Bag

When you are going to Monster Jam, treat the experience like a mini-vacation. Pack a day bag so that you are prepared for whatever the outing may throw your way. A change of clothes, extra diapers, or pull-ups if your toddler still uses them and snacks will all make the experience go better. Sometimes little ones get caught up in the excitement and may spill on themselves or have accidents. Being prepared will make everything more enjoyable.

Bring Essentials You May Not Normally Consider Bringing

A typically packed bag most likely does not include extra spending cash, Tylenol, cotton balls, or band-aids, but in the event of Monster Jam, make sure you toss a few extra things in the bag. An unexpected trip or headache could ruin the outing. The cotton balls can be added to sound buffers for headphones. Toddlers are often drawn to the fun things that the vendors sell, such as light-up glow sticks or toys. Bring a little extra cash so you can spoil your toddler.

Purchase Head Phones

Monster Jam is loud and can be a bit scary. Adults often hold their ears due to the noise. Toddlers have especially sensitive ears and can scare easily. Make sure you purchase properly fitting headphones for your toddler. If he or she still says the noise is too loud, then you can add those cotton balls that you packed to drown out the noise further.

Take Pictures

Monster Jam is not an inexpensive event to attend. This is a fun family event that many people can only go occasionally. Make the most out of the time you spend there with your toddler-capture pictures of your little ones’ facial expressions. Pictures are memories etched in time.

Prepare Your Toddler For Monster Jam With Coloring Pages and Toys

If you want to get your toddler excited about Monster Jam, then make sure you start preparing him or her as soon as you buy the tickets. A coloring book or a toy car from a store as simple as a dollar store will give them an idea of what they are going to see. Color some coloring pages with your toddler and talk about the trucks and stunts they will see in person.

Prepare Your Toddler For Monster Jame With Videos

When you begin talking to your toddler about Monster Jam, also take the time to show him or her videos online from past events. This will give an idea of what the event will be like. This will also give your toddler a chance to get excited about it. When children are more excited about going to an event, they tend not to be afraid of things such as the noise or crowds. Over-preparing is always best for large events like Monster Jam.

In addition to following these seven tips for preparing your toddler for Monster Jam and enjoying the event, there are a few tips parents should follow for themselves. It is easy to get so swept up in the toddler’s experience that we forget our own experience.


Monster Jam is a family event. Make sure you enjoy yourself as well. Eat the food you enjoy from the concession stand, cheer for your favorite competitor, and take lots of pictures. Give yourself more time for bathroom breaks since you will have your toddler in tow. You may have to cut out a few minutes before intermission to avoid long lines and crowds. Be flexible. Even though you follow all of the seven tips previously mentioned, there is a chance that your toddler does not enjoy Monster Jam. If your little one becomes restless, he or she could ruin the experience for others around you. Take them into consideration and be willing to leave early if the need arises.

Be prepared to carry your toddler if he or she gets tired and cannot handle the walk from the event to the parking lot. Wear comfortable walking shoes and carry any items in a backpack or easy to carry bag so that you are not uncomfortable.

These previously mentioned four parenting/expectation tips (combined with the previously mentioned seven preparation tips) will prepare you for bringing your toddler to Monster Jam.

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