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10 Tips for Taking a Toddler to Legoland

Here are ten tips to make sure taking a toddler to Legoland can be fun for everyone. It can be fun and endless experiences for the entire day.

Consider the essentials.

For endless fun at Legoland, any theme park is to be always ready. Here are some items to bring and why. A stroller so the toddler can take short breaks throughout the day. Diapers and wipes, useful at many of the restrooms or care centers in the park to change your toddler.

Extra clothes are important for anything life’s little accidents. Not only do they have water rides, but sandboxes as well, but messes always seem to happen-even a whole different section of the park of nothing but water rides. Snacks are never a bad idea to bring. Having too many snacks is way better than dealing with a hungry toddler.

Water bottles, because doing a lot of moving or exercise will make anyone thirsty. The park has several refill stations throughout the park. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for protecting your eyes and skin from the sun.

We all know sunburns are no fun for any part of the family or following car rides-finally, a few mini-figures to be given for another mini-figure at the Trading Post.

There are tons of rides made for toddlers.

Legoland has made several rides made especially for young toddlers.

Both kinds they can go on by themselves and with mom and dad. Such as Captain Cranky’s Challenge, which is a swing and rotates ride. Cargo Ace is every pilot’s dream of flying. Coast Cruise, a gentle boat ride to rest and get a look at the park.

Fairy Tail Brooke is another smooth boat ride with tones of lego characters made to look like different storybook characters. If your toddler is a little independent, a good right is LegoLand Express. It is a train going around a small lego farm for several minutes.

What theme park wouldn’t be complete without a carousel.

Legoland is so much more than rides.

With all the rides, they have a decent number of activities to do without seats on a walking path to the next ride Adventurer’s Club. The whole family can walk through an Amazon rainforest, Ancient Egypts landscape, and the freezing Arctic if your toddler keeps wanting to climb the walls on the ride lines.

The walls weren’t made for. Maybe Cole’s Rock Climbing is the best option for them. It has a wall they can climb on for hours. Not only for climbing, but it teaches them to balance endurance and patients. If the sandbox at home is a favorite activity, then Dig Those Dinos is the place for them to play.

With it being a giant sandpit, bringing a pair of clean clothes would be best. Of course, Legoland has a place for your toddler to just play with castles, tunnels, and slides at Hideaways.

Duplo Playtown is worth a visit!

The park does have a couple of places for your toddler to make a splash. Just outside Duplo Playtown is a fountain toddler can play, and Swabbie’s Deck with water cannons and guns.

Take a splash in the water park!

Legoland does have a water theme park Legoland Water Park. It costs a little extra to get in, and you have to make sure it’s in season. The water park is not open all year round. One part of the park is Duplo Splash Safari, with places for them to splash, spray and go down slides.

If your toddler is a little engineer, a good place to check out would be Imagination Station. In the station, the kids can build bridges, dams, and other creative architecture out of Duplo bricks. There is a pirate ship, at Soak-N-Sail, and never know when all the water is going to come down. Great for all ages.

A spot where it seems to be a big win for toddlers is Splash Zoo. Not only do they have fountains and splash pads. But it also has sea saws and animals for the kids to interact with.

Appreciate the wildlife at Legoland.

With a place like Sea Life Aquarium, the entire family can walk around and see the wonderful creatures. A small example of the creatures found are sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, sea horses, jellyfish, and lots of tropical fish. If your toddler wants a more hands-on experience, they do have a section Touchpool Exhibit. Don’t worry; there is a cleaning station nearby.

Take your toddler to on-stage shows!

With a place like Lego Friends to the Rescue, a live-action show with no costume characters, some can be scary. It has a lot of dancing and singing. Throughout the day, you can catch the shows at any time.

Experience how legos are made with your toddler.

The Lego Factory Tour has a lot to do and see. So someone can choose to either watch several videos or skip right to the other displays. The best part for the tour is, of course, finishing at a gift shop.

Allow for trading.

Remember those little figures you brought from home. Well, here is how they are useful, all through the park, Lego characters are walking around with special pins. These pins let the visitors know they will trade the one they brought for one the character has. The best experience is, the kids and adults can keep trading as many times as they want.

Spots to take a rest or wind down for the ride home.

With the Lego Life Zone, the spot is where the kids can just play with legos and just slow down. It even has air-conditioning and a charging station so the parents can relax as well. Nothing wrong with the kids falling asleep in their stroller.

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